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<title>Product Splash</title>
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<h1>Product Splash</h1>

<p>The <strong>Splash</strong> page provides the ability to customize your product with
 a splash screen and a template or a progress bar and message.

<p>The <strong>splash screen</strong> is typically located at the root of the 
 product-defining plug-in and must be called <em><strong>splash.bmp</strong></em>. 

<p><img src="../../../images/product_editor/splash_location.png" alt="Splash screen location" ></p>

<p>Alternately, you may choose to place it at the root of any other plug-in in the 
 product (the name restriction stands). 


<p>To customize the startup of a product, you can use either a splash screen 
 template or a progress bar and message.  

<p><img src="../../../images/product_editor/splash_custom.png" alt="Splash screen location" ></p>

<p>Splash screen templates contribute custom behavior to the splash screen that
 appears during startup.  The <strong>Template</strong> combo contains three templates
 available for your convenience.  During the export process the selected template's 
 required code will be added and a <em>org.eclipse.ui.splashHandlers</em> extension 
 will be created.  Please be aware that you may only use a splash screen 
 template if your platform is built with 3.3 or higher.  

<p>Another option to customize your product is to use the integrated progress bar 
 in the Eclipse splash screen by specifying the co-ordinates of the 
 <strong>progress bar</strong> and <strong>progress message</strong>,
 as well as the text color.  The integrated progress data is specified using properties 
 in the <em>org.eclipse.core.runtime.products</em> extension. 

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