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<title>Site Map</title>
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<h1><strong>Site Map </strong></h1>
<p>The <strong>Site Map</strong> page of the site manifest editor lists, categorizes and builds the features hosted on the update site. </p>

<h2>Managing the Site </h2>
<p>Building an update site is a relatively simple task with the </p>
<p><img src="../../../images/site_editor/map_managing.png" alt="Managing the Site" ></p>
<p>To publish a feature on the site, you must first add it via the <strong>Add Feature...</strong> button.</p>
<p>For easier browsing of the site, it is recommended to create categories and organize the features under those categories. A <strong>category</strong> has a name and a translatable label for display. A feature may appear in &gt;= 0 categories. Categorization enables the installer to present a hierarchical view of features. </p>
<p>Features are   built recursively when you press <strong>Build All</strong>. This means that the features   and all the plug-ins and fragments they include will be built in a single batch   operation. The feature JARs end up in the <em>features/ </em>folder and the plug-in JARs are placed in the <em>plugins/</em> folder of the update  site project.</p>
<p>If you are dealing with features that include other features, only   the root feature needs to be listed, since the child features are automatically built. </p>
<p>To build a single feature, select the feature and press   the <strong>Build</strong> button.. </p>

<h2>Feature Environments </h2>
<p>Features that do not carry such environment constraints are portable and can be installed on all platforms. If a feature has environment constraints that does not match the user's current platform, you can configure them to be filtered out.</p>
<p>For faster filtering, feature environments should be associated with a feature entry in the site.xml. </p>
<p>To copy feature environments from the <em>feature.xml</em> to the <em>site.xml</em>, press the <strong>Synchronize...</strong> button in the <strong>Managing the Site</strong> section. </p>
<p><img src="../../../images/site_editor/map_environment.png" alt="Feature Environment" ></p>

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