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<h1>Content Page</h1>

<p>The <strong>Content Page</strong> in the <a href="./target_editor.htm">Target Definition Editor</a> is used to view and edit the set of plug-ins to be included in the target definition when set as the active target platform.  The definition must contain one or more locations containing plug-ins and the definition must be <em>resolved</em> to edit the content.  Only the plug-ins that are checked on this page will be included in the target.  There are multiple options available to filter and sort the list to quickly check what you require.</p>

<p>This page edits the same information as the <a href="../../target_shared/edit_target_content_tab.htm">Content Tab</a> on the <a href="../../target_shared/edit_target_wizard.htm">Edit Target Wizard</a></p>

<img src="../../../images/target_editor/content_page.png" alt="Content Page">

<p><strong>Select / Deselect</strong> will check or uncheck the selected plug-ins. </p>

<p><strong>Select All / Deselect All</strong> will check or uncheck all plug-ins in the target definition.</p>

<p><strong>Add Required</strong> takes the set of currently checked plug-ins and determines all plug-ins required by them.  This will also include any <a href="../../target_shared/edit_target_implicit_tab.htm">implicit dependencies</a> set on this target.  The required plug-ins will be checked in the list.</p>

<p>Use the <strong>Show</strong> options along with the filter text box at the top of the list to filter what is shown in the list.  Showing <em>plug-ins</em> will show any non-source plug-ins in the target, while showing <em>source bundles</em> will display any source.  Even if a plug-in is filtered from the list, it may be included in the target.  You can see a count of included plug-ins underneath the list.</p>

<p>The <strong>Group By</strong> option is used to organize the list into different groups.  The options are:</p>
<li><strong>None</strong> - No grouping, plug-ins sorted by name</li>
<li><strong>File Path</strong> - Grouped by the directory path the plug-ins are stored in on the local file system</li>
<li><strong>Location</strong> - Grouped by the locations set on the <a href="../../target_shared/edit_target_locations_tab.htm">locations tab</a></li>

<h2>Managing Content with Features</h2>

<p>On the right hand side, you can choose between two different modes to manage the content of the target.  By default targets
are managed using a list of plug-ins.  Selecting <strong>Features</strong> will change your target contents to a list of features.</p>

<img src="../../../images/target_editor/content_page_feature_mode.png" alt="Content Page Feature Mode">

<p>You can select features in the same way as when managing by plug-ins.  <strong>Add Required</strong> will select any features that the currently
selected features have in their <em>include</em> or <em>require</em> entries.  If there are plug-ins in the target that do not belong to a
feature, they will be listed under the <em>Other Plug-ins</em> item and can be selected individually.</p>
<p><img src="../../../../images/ngrelr.png" alt="Related reference"></p>
<a href="./target_editor.htm">Target Definition Editor</a><br>
<a href="./definition_page.htm">Definition Page</a> (Target Definition Editor)<br>
<a href="./environment_page.htm">Environment Page</a> (Target Definition Editor)<br>
<a href="../../target_shared/edit_target_wizard.htm">Edit Target Wizard</a>

<p><img src="../../../../images/ngrelc.png" alt="Related concepts"></p>
<a href="../../../../concepts/target.htm">Target Definitions</a>

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