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<title>Converting Java Projects to Plug-in Projects</title>
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<h1>Converting Java Projects to Plug-in Projects</h1>

<p>PDE provides a <strong>Converting Java Projects to Plug-in Projects</strong>
 wizard to quickly and easily utilize PDE capabilities from a Java Project.  To
 open this wizard right-click on a Java project, open the <strong>Configure</strong>
 menu and select <strong>Convert to Plug-in Projects...</strong>.
<p>During the conversion process, PDE will add its nature and builders to the project,
 add the Plug-in Dependencies classpath container.  Finally, PDE will create a MANIFEST.MF and for the project if they do not already exist.  If <strong>Enable API analysis</strong>
 is selected, the API Tools project nature will be added to the project.

<p><img src="../../images/pde_actions/convert_project.png" alt="Project Selection" ></p>

<h3>Project Selection</h3>

<p>You may select any of the open projects in your workspace which are not already
 PDE projects. 
 By default, the projects selected in the workspace are the projects
 selected for conversion by the wizard.

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