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<title>Externalizing Strings</title>
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<h1>Externalizing Strings</h1>

<p>PDE provides an <strong>Externalize Strings</strong> wizard to help
 externalize strings in your Manifest and plugin.xml files. 
 Externalizing manifest files extracts translatable strings and stores 
 them in a properties file for multi-language support.
 The wizard is available through the <strong>Plug-in Tools</strong> menu after right clicking
 on a plug-in project's MANIFEST.MF or plugin.xml files.

<h3>File Selections</h3>

<p><img src="../../images/pde_actions/externalize_strings_selection.png" alt="File Selections" ></p>

<p>The <strong>Plug-ins with non-externalized strings</strong> table
 displays all the plug-in related files in the workspace that contain
 non-externalized strings.  The files are grouped by project, and they
 display the number of non-externalized strings in brackets. 
 You can select one or more files to externalize at one time.

<p>The text in the <strong>Localization</strong> box will be
 used to define the properties file in which the externalized
 string keys should be stored.  The file's name is created by
 adding ".properties" to the localization value.

<h3>String Substitution</h3>

<p><img src="../../images/pde_actions/externalize_strings_substitution.png" alt="String Substitution" ></p>

<p>After selecting a file in the <strong>Plug-ins with non-externalized strings</strong>
 table, the non-externalized strings will be displayed in the
 <strong>Strings to be externalized</strong> table. 
 Since you may not want to externalize all the strings in the
 file, you may choose which strings you wish to externalize by
 checking or unchecking strings in the table.  Click on the
 <strong>Substitution Key</strong> column to change the key name.

<p>To see the current string value in the table, select either the
 <strong>Value</strong> or <strong>Substitution Key</strong> column of a string. 
 The strings location will be highlighted and displayed in the <strong>Source</strong>

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