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<title>Creating API Problem Filters</title>
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<h1>Creating API Problem Filters</h1>
<p>Filters can be used to remove <em>known</em> or <em>expected</em> API problems that cannot be readily corrected. Problem filters can be created easily using the <strong><a href="../reference/api-tooling/quickfixes/ref-api-api-filter-qf.htm">Create API Problem Filter</a></strong> quick fix. </p>
<p>Using the quick fix let's see how we can add a new filter.</p>
<h3>The Problems view</h3>
<li>Open the <b>Problems</b> view.</li>
<li>Select an API Tools problem.</li>
<li>Use <b>Ctrl + 1</b> to trigger the quick fix from the Problems view.</li>
<li>Select Finish to create the new filter.</li>
<h3>Editing the resource</h3>
 <li>Open the resource the API problem exists in.</li>
 <li>Use <b>Ctrl + 1</b> on the corresponding problem.</li>
 <li>One of the quick fix proposals will be the creation of a problem filter for the corresponding problem.</li>
 <li>Select it and the problem filter is added for you.</li>
<p>Once the problem filter has been created the corresponding resource is rebuilt and the problem is removed from the Problems view and any open editors.</p>
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<p><img src="../images/ngrelr.png" alt="Related reference"></p>
<a href="../reference/api-tooling/propertypages/ref-filters-prop.htm">API Problem Filters Property Page</a><br>
<a href="../reference/api-tooling/quickfixes/ref-api-api-filter-qf.htm">Add API Problem Filter Quick Fix</a>
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