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<title>Setting up API Tools</title>
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<h1>Setting up API Tools</h1>
<h2>Configure existing plug-ins</h2>
<p>This section explains how to enable your existing plug-ins for API analysis.</p>
<li>Select the project you want to convert.</li>
<li>Right-click and select <b><a href="../reference/actions/ref-pdetools.htm">PDE Tools</a> &gt; <a href="../reference/api-tooling/actions/ref-apitooling-setup-action.htm">API Tools Setup...</a></b></li>
<li>Once the <a href="../reference/api-tooling/wizards/ref-api-setup-wizard.htm"><strong>API Tools Setup</strong></a> wizard is open, check that the project is selected.</li>
<li>If your project contains a file <code>component.xml</code>, you can uncheck the checkbox to preserve it after conversion.</li>
<li>Click <b>Next</b> if you want to preview the changes, or <b>Finish</b> otherwise.</li>
<li>Your plug-in is now converted to use API Tools.</li>

<h2>Configure a new plug-in</h2>

<p>This section explains how to enable a new plug-ins for API analysis.</p>
<li>Click on <b>File&gt;New&gt;Project...</b></li>
<li>Select <b>Plug-in Development&gt;Plug-in Project</b> and click <b>Next</b>.</li>
<li>Fill the first page as you would do for any other plug-in and click <b>Next</b>.</li>
<li>Check the option <code>Enable API Analysis</code>.
<img src="../guide/images/tasks/plugin_creation_wizard.png" alt="Plug-in Creation Wizard" border="0"></p>
</li><li>Complete your Plug-in setup</li>
<li>Click <b>Finish</b>.</li>
<p><img src="../images/ngrelt.png" alt="Related tasks" border="0"></p>
   	 	<a href="api_tooling_baseline.htm">Setting up a baseline</a><br>
	<p><img src="../images/ngrelr.png"  alt="Related reference" border="0"></p>
		<a href="../reference/api-tooling/wizards/ref-api-setup-wizard.htm">API Tools Setup Wizard</a><br>
		<a href="../reference/actions/ref-pdetools.htm">PDE Tools Menu</a><br>
		<a href="../reference/api-tooling/actions/ref-apitooling-setup-action.htm">API Tools Setup Command</a><br>
		<a href="../reference/api-tooling/api_javadoc_tags.htm">Defining API Restrictions</a>
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