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    <p>The Java development toolkit (JDT) includes a debugger that enables you to detect and diagnose errors in your programs running either locally or remotely.</p>

    <p>The debugger allows you to control the execution of your program by setting breakpoints, suspending
    launched programs, stepping through your code, and examining the contents of

    <p>The debugger has a client/server design so you can debug programs running remotely on other systems in the network as well as programs running locally on your workstation.
    The debug client runs inside the workbench on your workstation.&nbsp; The debugger server runs on the same system as the program you want to
    debug.&nbsp; This could be a program launched on your workstation (local debugging) or a
    program started on a computer that is accessible through a
    network (remote debugging).</p>
    <p><img border="0" src="../images/ngrelc.png" alt="Related concepts" ></p>
     <a href="../concepts/concept-jdt.htm">Java development tools (JDT)</a><br>
     <a href="../concepts/cbrkpnts.htm">Breakpoints</a><br>
     <a href="cremdbug.htm">Remote debugging</a><br>
     <a href="clocdbug.htm">Local debugging</a></p>

    <p><img border="0" src="../images/ngrelt.png" alt="Related tasks" ></p>
     <a href="../tasks/task-add_line_breakpoints.htm">Adding breakpoints</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/tasks-9.htm">Changing debugger launch options</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/task-remotejava_launch_config.htm">Connecting to a remote VM with the Remote Java application launch configuration</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/task-disconnect_remote_debug.htm">Disconnecting from a VM</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/task-evaluating_expressions.htm">Evaluating expressions</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/task-launching_java_program.htm">Launching a Java program</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/task-preparing_to_debug.htm">Preparing to debug</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/task-resuming_threads.htm">Resuming the execution of suspended threads</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/task-running_and_debugging.htm">Running and debugging</a><br>
     <a href="../tasks/task-suspending_threads.htm">Suspending threads</a><br>

    <p><img border="0" src="../images/ngrelr.png" alt="Related reference" ></p>
     <a href="../reference/preferences/run-debug/ref-run_debug.htm">Debug preferences</a><br>
     <a href="../reference/views/debug/ref-debug_view.htm">Debug view</a><br>
    <a href="../reference/menus/run/ref-menu-run.htm">Run menu actions</a><br>
    <a href="../reference/ref-toolbar-run.htm">Run and Debug toolbar actions</a></p>

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