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      Access Rules

      Access Rules
    </h1>Access rules can be added to build classpath entries to specify which types in the given
    entry can be accessed and which not. If the compiler detects a type access to a type that
    should not be accessed, it will create a problem marker.
      <li>Non-accessible rules define types that must not be referenced. The compiler typically
      creates an error marker for accesses to these types.
      <li>Discouraged rules define types that should not be referenced. The compiler typically
      creates a warning marker for accesses to these types.
      <li>Accessible rules define types that can be referenced.

    </ul>Each rule consist of a pattern (same format as ANT patterns) and one of the rule types
    listed above.<br />
    Each classpath entry can have any number of rules defined. The compiler will process the list
    in the order defined and take the first matching rule.<br />
    <br />
    The severity of the problem marker generated for accesses to 'Non-accessible' and 'Discouraged'
    type can be configured on the Java compiler's <a href=
    preference page.
      <img border="0" src="../images/ngrelc.png" alt="Related concepts" />

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      <img src="../images/ngrelr.png" alt="Related reference" border="0" />
      <a href="../reference/ref-properties-build-path.htm">Java build path properties</a><br />
      <a href=
      preference page</a>

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