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<title> Evaluating expressions </title>
<h1> Evaluating expressions </h1>
<p> In this section, you will evaluate expressions in the context of your
running Java program. </p>
  <li> Debug <em></em> to the breakpoint in the
    <code>setUp()</code> method and select <b>Step Over</b> twice to populate <code>fFull</code>.&nbsp; (See the <a href="qs-13.htm">Debugging your Programs</a> section for full
  <li>Open the Display view by selecting <b>Window &gt; Show View &gt; Display</b> 
    and type the following line in the view:
    <p> <code>fFull.size()</code></p>
  <li> Select the text you just typed, and from its context menu, select <strong>Display</strong>.&nbsp;
    (You can also choose <strong>Display Result of Evaluating Selected Text </strong> (<img src="../images/org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui/etool16/disp_sbook.png" alt="Display" >) from
    the Display view toolbar.) 
    <p> <img src="images/view_display_display.png"  alt="Display view with fFull.size selected and showing context menu"> 
  <li> The expression is evaluated and the result is displayed in the Display
    <p> <img src="images/view_display_display_done.png"  alt="Display view showing evaluation result: (int) 2"> 
  <li> On a new line in the Display view, type the following line: 
    <p> <code>fFull.toArray()</code> </p>
  <li> Select this line, and select <strong>Inspect</strong> from the context
    menu.&nbsp; (You can also choose <strong>Inspect Result of Evaluating
    Selected Text </strong> (<img src="../images/org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui/etool16/insp_sbook.png" alt="Inspect" >) from the Display view toolbar.) </li>
  <li>A lightweight window opens with the value of the evaluated expression. 
    <p> <img src="images/view_display_inspect.png"  alt="Pop-up containing fFull.toArray() expression"> 
<P class="nav_footer" id="nav_footer">Next Section: <A href="qs-15.htm">Evaluating snippets</A>
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