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<title> Creating a Java class </title>
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<h1> Creating a Java class </h1>
<p> In this section, you will create a new Java class and add methods using 
  code generation actions. </p>
  <li> In the Package Explorer view, select the JUnit project. 
  Click the&nbsp;<strong>New Java Package</strong> button in the toolbar, or select&nbsp;<strong>New &gt; Package</strong> from the project's 
    context menu . </li>
  <li> In the&nbsp;<strong>Name</strong> field, type&nbsp;<em>test</em> as the 
    name for the new package. Then click&nbsp;<strong>Finish</strong>. </li>
  <li> In the Package Explorer view, select the new&nbsp;<em>test</em> package 
    and click the&nbsp;<strong>New Java Class</strong> button in the toolbar. 
  <li> Make sure that&nbsp;<em>JUnit</em> appears in the&nbsp;<strong>Source Folder</strong> 
    field and that&nbsp;<em>test</em> appears in the&nbsp;<strong>Package</strong> 
    field. In the&nbsp;<strong>Name</strong> field, type&nbsp;<em>MyTestCase</em>. 
    <p> <img src="images/wiz_new_class_dialog.png"  alt="Java Class wizard"> 
  <li> Click the&nbsp;<strong>Browse</strong> button next to the&nbsp;<strong>Superclass</strong> 
    field. </li>
  <li> In the&nbsp;<strong>Choose a type</strong> field in the Superclass Selection 
    dialog, type&nbsp;<em>Test</em> to narrow the list of available superclasses. 
    <p> <img src="images/superclass_selection_dialog.png"  alt="Superclass Selection dialog"> 
  <li> Select the&nbsp;<em>TestCase</em> class and click&nbsp;<strong>OK</strong>. 
  <li> Select the checkbox for&nbsp;<strong>Constructors from superclass</strong>. 
  <li> Click&nbsp;<strong>Finish</strong> to create the new class. 
    <p> <img src="images/wiz_new_class_dialog_superchecked.png"  alt="Java Class wizard"> 
  <li> The new file is opened in the editor. It contains the new class,
    the constructor and comments.&nbsp; You can select options for the creation and
    configuration of generated comments in the
    <a class="command-link" href='javascript:executeCommand("org.eclipse.ui.window.preferences(preferencePageId=org.eclipse.jdt.ui.preferences.CodeTemplatePreferencePage)")'>
    <img src="PLUGINS_ROOT/" alt="Goto the code templates preference page">
    <strong>Java &gt; Code Style &gt; Code Templates</strong></a>
    preference page.</li>
  <li> In the Outline view select the new class&nbsp;<em>MyTestCase</em>. Open 
    the context menu and select&nbsp;<strong>Source &gt; Override/Implement Methods...</strong>. 
    <p> <img src="images/editor_mytestcase_outline_override.png"  alt="Context menu of a type"> 
  <li> In the Override Methods dialog, check <em>setUp()</em> and <em>tearDown()</em>
    and click&nbsp;<strong>OK</strong>. Two methods are added to the class. 
    <p> <img src="images/override_implement_dialog.png"  alt="Override Methods dialog"> 
  <li> Change the body of <em>setUp()</em> to <code>container= new Vector();</code> </li>
  <li> <em>container</em> and <em>Vector</em> are underlined with a problem 
    highlight line as they cannot be resolved. A light bulb appears on the marker 
    bar. Move the mouse over the underlined word <em>Vector</em>. A hover appears that
    shows the error message and contains quick fixes. Move the mouse into the hover and
    click <em>Import 'Vector' (java.util)</em>. This adds the missing import declaration. 
    <p> <img src="images/editor_mytestcase_import.png"  alt="Correction proposals hover for Vector"><br>
    The blinking cursor should still be on the line that contains the error (if not, set it to the end of the line).
    Press <kbd>Ctrl+1</kbd>. This lets the cursor jump to the nearest error location and opens the quick fix proposals.
    Choose <em>Create field 'container'</em> to add the new field. 
    <p> <img src="images/editor_mytestcase_field.png"  alt="Correction proposals for container"> 
  <li> In the Outline view, select the class <em>MyTestCase</em>. Open the 
    context menu and select <strong>Source &gt; Generate Getters and Setters...</strong>. 
    <p> <img src="images/editor_mytestcase_getters.png"  alt="Generate Getter and Setter in context menu"> 
  <li> The Generate Getter and Setter dialog suggests that you create the methods getContainer 
    and setContainer. Select both and click <strong>OK</strong>. A getter 
    and setter method for the field container are added. 
    <p> <img src="images/generate_getter_setter_dialog.png"  alt="Generate Getter and Setter dialog"> 
  <li> Save the file. </li>
  <li> The formatting of generated code can be configured in the
    <a class="command-link" href='javascript:executeCommand("org.eclipse.ui.window.preferences(preferencePageId=org.eclipse.jdt.ui.preferences.CodeFormatterPreferencePage)")'>
    <img src="PLUGINS_ROOT/" alt="Goto the code style formatter perference page">
    <strong>Java &gt; Code Style &gt; Formatter</strong></a> preference page.
    If you use a prefix or suffix for field names (e.g. fContainer), you can specify this in the
    <a class="command-link" href='javascript:executeCommand("org.eclipse.ui.window.preferences(preferencePageId=org.eclipse.jdt.ui.preferences.CodeStylePreferencePage)")'>
    <img src="PLUGINS_ROOT/" alt="Goto the code style preference page">
    <strong>Java &gt; Code Style</strong></a> preference page so that generated
    getters and setters will suggest method names without the prefix or suffix. 
<P class="nav_footer" id="nav_footer">Next Section: <A href="qs-8.htm">Renaming Java elements</A>
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