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      Processor Option Input Dialog
      Processor Option Input Dialog
    <p>The Processor Option input dialog is reached from the <a href="ref-apt-config.htm">Annotation Processing
    preferences pane</a>.  It allows processor options to be added or modified.</p>  
    <p>Options entered here will be presented to processors using the Java 5 Mirror APIs through the 
    AnnotationProcessorEnvironment interface, or to processors using the Java 6 annotation processing
    APIs through the ProcessingEnvironment interface.  For Java 5 processors, in order to be compatible
    with other implementations of this API, each option will be presented in two forms: as a key/value 
    pair, and as a combined key corresponding to the command-line form of the option, namely 
    &quot;-Akey=value&quot;. For instance, an option with key &quot;foo&quot; and value &quot;bar&quot; would be presented
    both that way and as key &quot;-Afoo=bar&quot;, value null. For Java 6 processors, the options are
    simply presented as a map of key/value pairs, without the -A and without the combined -Akey=value form.</p>
    <p>Option values representing paths may begin with a percent-delimited token such as <code>%FOO%/</code>.  
    If the token is the name of a classpath variable, it will be replaced with the current
    value of the variable at processor execution time.  The special value <code>ROOT</code> expands
    to the absolute path of the workspace.  For example, <code>%ROOT%/foo/bar.xml</code> might 
    expand to <code>d:/my_workspace/foo/bar.xml</code>, and <code>%JRE_LIB%/rt.jar</code> might 
    expand to <code>c:/jdk1.5.0/lib/rt.jar</code>.  Similarly, the special value <code>PROJECT.DIR</code>
    expands to the absolute path of the current project.</p>
    <p>Certain options are automatically provided to the processors; entering them in this dialog
    will have no effect, since the automatically provided values will override any values set here.  
    The automatic options are described <a href="ref-apt-automaticProcessorOptions.htm">here</a>.</p>
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