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<title>Group Breakpoints By</title>
<h1>Group Breakpoints By</h1>
<p>Select the <strong>Group By</strong> view menu item to group the breakpoints in the <a href="../../../reference/views/breakpoints/ref-breakpoints_view.htm"><strong>Breakpoints View</strong></a> in one of a choice of predefined orderings. </p>
<p><img src="../../../reference/views/breakpoints/images/ref-views_breakpoint_groupbymenu.PNG" alt="Group Breakpoints By"></p>
<p>The orderings are as follows:</p>
  <li><strong>Breakpoints</strong> - a standard list of all breakpoints</li>
  <li><strong>Breakpoint Types</strong> - all breakpoints organized into their respective types</li>
  <li><strong>Breakpoint Working Sets</strong> - all breakpoints are organized into the working sets they belong to</li>
  <li><strong>Files</strong> - all breakpoints are organized by the files that they belong to </li>
  <li><strong>Projects</strong> - all breakpoints are organized by the project that they belong to </li>
  <li><strong>Resource Working Sets</strong> - all breakpoints are organized by the resource working sets that they belong to</li>
  <li><strong>Advanced...</strong>- See below. </li>
<p>The <strong>Advanced...</strong> command opens a dialog that allows you to specify multiple levels of groupings for your breakpoints. For example you could have breakpoint grouped by type, which are then further grouped by resource working set, which are then further grouped by projects. </p>
<p>Below is the <strong>Group Breakpoints </strong>dialog.</p>
<p><img src="../../../reference/views/breakpoints/images/ref-views_breakpoint_groupbyadvanced_dialog.PNG" alt="Advanced Breakpoint Grouping Dialog"> </p>
<p> <img border="0" src="../../../images/ngrelc.png" alt="Related concepts" > </p>
<p> <a href="../../../concepts/cbrkpnts.htm">Breakpoints</a> </p>
<p> <img border="0" src="../../../images/ngrelt.png" alt="Related tasks" ></p>
<p> <a href="../../../tasks/task-add_line_breakpoints.htm">Adding breakpoints</a><br>
  Create a breakpoint working set <br>
  <a href="../../../tasks/task-remove_line_breakpoints.htm">Removing breakpoints</a><br>
  <a href="../../../tasks/task-launching_java_program.htm">Launching a Java program</a><br>
  <a href="../../../tasks/task-running_and_debugging.htm">Running and debugging</a></p>
<p><img src="../../../images/ngrelr.png" alt="Related Reference"></p>
<p><a href="../../../reference/views/breakpoints/ref-breakpoints_view.htm">Breakpoints View</a><br>
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