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      Launching a Java program in debug mode

      Launching a Java program in debug mode
      Launching a program in debug mode allows you to suspend and resume the
      program, inspect variables, and evaluate expressions using the debugger.
      To launch a Java program in debug mode,

      <li>In the <strong>Package Explorer</strong>, select the Java compilation
      unit or class file with the main method you want to launch.
      <li>Press the <strong>Debug</strong> [ <img src=
      "../images/org.eclipse.debug.ui/etool16/debug_exc.png" width="16"
        height="16" alt="The Debug button" /> ] button in the workbench toolbar
        or select <strong>Run &gt; Debug</strong> from the workbench menu bar.
        Alternatively you can select <strong>Run &gt; Debug As &gt; Java
        Application</strong> from the workbench menu bar, or select
        <strong>Debug As &gt; Java Application</strong> in the <strong>Package
        Explorer</strong> pop-up menu or in the drop-down menu on the
        <strong>Debug</strong> tool bar button.

      <li>Your program is now launched and the launched process appears in the
      Debug view.&nbsp;
      If you want your program to stop in the <em>main</em> method so that you
      can step through its complete execution, create a <strong>Java
      Application</strong> launch configuration and check the <strong>Stop in
      main</strong> checkbox on the <strong>Main</strong> tab.&nbsp;

      You can also debug a Java program by selecting a project instead of the
      compilation unit or class file.&nbsp; You will be prompted to select a
      class from those classes that define a <em>main</em> method.&nbsp; (If
      only one class with a main method is found in the project, that class is
      launched as if you selected it.)
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      Explorer</a><br />
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