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 package gov.nist.javax.sip;
public interface ClientTransactionExt extends ClientTransactionTransactionExt {

Notify on retransmission from the client transaction side. The listener will get a notification on retransmission when this flag is set. When set the client transaction listener will get a Timeout.RETRANSMIT event on each retransmission.

flag -- the flag that indicates whether or not notification is desired.
    public void setNotifyOnRetransmit(boolean flag);

Send a transaction timeout event to the application if Tx is still in Calling state in the given time period ( in base timer interval count ) after sending request. The stack will start a timer and alert the application if the client transaction does not transition out of the Trying state by the given interval. This is a "one shot" alert.

count -- the number of base timer intervals after which an alert is issued.
    public void alertIfStillInCallingStateBy(int count);
Get the next hop that was computed by the routing layer. when it sent out the request. This allows you to route requests to the SAME destination if required ( for example if you get an authentication challenge ).
    public Hop getNextHop();
Return true if this Ctx is a secure transport.
    public boolean isSecure();
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