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 package gov.nist.javax.sip;
Extensions for Next specification revision. These interfaces will remain unchanged and be merged with the next revision of the spec.

public interface DialogExt extends Dialog {

Returns the SipProvider that was used for the first transaction in this Dialog

    public SipProvider getSipProvider();

Sets a flag that indicates that this Dialog is part of a BackToBackUserAgent. If this flag is set, INVITEs are not allowed to interleave and timed out ACK transmission results in a BYE being sent to the other side. Setting this flag instructs the stack to automatically handle dialog errors. Once this flag is set for a dialog, it cannot be changed. This flag can be set on a stack-wide basis, on a per-provider basis or on a per Dialog basis. This flag must only be set at the time of Dialog creation. If the flag is set after the first request or response is seen by the Dialog, the behavior of this flag is undefined.

    public void setBackToBackUserAgent();
Turn off sequence number validation for this dialog. This passes all requests to the application layer including those that arrive out of order. This is good for testing purposes. Validation is delegated to the application and the stack will not attempt to block requests arriving out of sequence from reaching the application. In particular, the validation of CSeq and the ACK retransmission recognition are delegated to the application. Your application will be responsible for error handling of these cases.

    public void disableSequenceNumberValidation();
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