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  * Created on December 18, 2001, 3:59 PM
 package javax.sdp;

A Bandwidth represents the b= fields contained within either a MediaDescription or a SessionDescription. This specifies the proposed bandwidth to be used by the session or media, and is optional. Multiple bandwidth specifiers of different types may be associated with the same SessionDescription. Each consists of a token type and an integer value measuring bandwidth in kilobits per second. RFC 2327 defines two bandwidth types (or modifiers): CT Conference Total: An implicit maximum bandwidth is associated with each TTL on the Mbone or within a particular multicast administrative scope region (the Mbone bandwidth vs. TTL limits are given in the MBone FAQ). If the bandwidth of a session or media in a session is different from the bandwidth implicit from the scope, a 'b=CT:...' line should be supplied for the session giving the proposed upper limit to the bandwidth used. The primary purpose of this is to give an approximate idea as to whether two or more conferences can co-exist simultaneously. AS Application-Specific Maximum: The bandwidth is interpreted to be application-specific, i.e., will be the application's concept of maximum bandwidth. Normally this will coincide with what is set on the application's "maximum bandwidth" control if applicable. Note that CT gives a total bandwidth figure for all the media at all sites. AS gives a bandwidth figure for a single media at a single site, although there may be many sites sending simultaneously. Please refer to IETF RFC 2327 for a description of SDP.

public interface BandWidth extends Field{
"Conference Total" bandwidth modifier, "CT".
    public static final String CT="CT";
"Application Specific" bandwidth modifier, "AS".
    public static final String AS="AS";
Returns the bandwidth type.
    public String getType() throws SdpParseException;
Sets the bandwidth type.
    public void setType(String typethrows SdpException;
Returns the bandwidth value measured in kilobits per second.
    public int getValue() throws SdpParseException;
Sets the bandwidth value.
     public void setValue(int valuethrows SdpException;
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