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 package gov.nist.javax.sip;
Extensions to SipProvider under consideration for Version 2.0.

public interface SipProviderExt extends SipProvider {
Sets a flag that indicates that automatic error handling is enabled for this dialog (the default when automatic dialog support is enabled). This flag is set by default to TRUE when the Dialog is automatically created by the provider ( automatic dialog support is true) and set to FALSE by default when the Dialog is created under program control ( automatic dialog support is false). When this flag is set to true, the stack will automatically send the following errors :
  • 500 Request Out of Order for in-dialog requests that arrive out of order.
  • 482 Loop Detected When a loop is detected for merged INVITE requests.
  • 400 Bad request when a REFER is sent without a matching refer-to dialog.
If this flag is set to false, the stack will not drop out of sequence ACKs but will pass these up to the application for handling. This flag is automatically set to true if any of the the following conditions is true:
  • The Back To Back User Agent flag is enabled for the Dialog.
  • The Automatic Dialog Support flag is enabled for the Dialog
This flag should only be set at the time of Dialog creation ( before the Dialog has seen its first request or response). If set subsequently, the behavior of the flag is undefined.

    public void setDialogErrorsAutomaticallyHandled();
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