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 package gov.nist.javax.sip;

The stack calls the message log factory to create logging records. The default implementatation of this interface can be replaced using the gov.nist.javax.sip.LOG_RECORD_FACTORY property. This override is provided to allow applications to log axuiliary information (such as environment conditions etc) when messages are logged in the stack.

M. Ranganathan
public interface LogRecordFactory {

Create a log record.

message -- the message to be logged.
source -- host:port of the source of the message.
destination -- host:port of the destination of the message.
timeStamp -- The time at which this message was seen by the stack or sent out by the stack.
isSender -- true if we are sending the message false otherwise.
firstLine -- the first line of the message to be logged.
tid -- the transaction id
callId -- the call id
timestampVal -- the timestamp header value of the incoming message.
-- a log record with the appropriate fields set.
    public LogRecord createLogRecord(String messageString source,
            String destinationlong timeStampboolean isSender,
            String firstLineString tidString callIdlong timestampVal);
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