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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unpublished - rights reserved under the Copyright Laws of the United States. Copyright � 2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright � 2005 BEA Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Use is subject to license terms. This distribution may include materials developed by third parties. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Module Name : JSIP Specification File Name : Author : Phelim O'Doherty HISTORY Version Date Author Comments 1.2 17/06/2005 Pnelim O'Doherty New class ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
package javax.sip;
DialogTerminatedEvent is delivered to the Listener when the dialog transitions to the terminated state. An implementation is expected to deliver this event to the listener when it discards all internal book keeping records for a given dialog, allowing the Listener to unmap its own data structures.

BEA Systems, NIST
public class DialogTerminatedEvent extends EventObject {
Constructs a DialogTerminatedEvent to indicate a dialog timeout.

source - the source of TimeoutEvent.
dialog - the dialog that timed out.
     public DialogTerminatedEvent(Object sourceDialog dialog) {
          = dialog;

Gets the Dialog associated with the event. This enables application developers to access the dialog associated to this event.

the dialog associated with the response event or null if there is no dialog.
    public Dialog getDialog() {
        return ;
     // internal variables
     private Dialog m_dialog = null;
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