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 package gov.nist.javax.sip.header.ims;
 * Conditions Of Use
 * This software was developed by employees of the National Institute of
 * Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the Federal Government.
 * Pursuant to title 15 Untied States Code Section 105, works of NIST
 * employees are not subject to copyright protection in the United States
 * and are considered to be in the public domain.  As a result, a formal
* license is not needed to use the software.
* This software is provided by NIST as a service and is expressly
* AND DATA ACCURACY.  NIST does not warrant or make any representations
* regarding the use of the software or the results thereof, including but
* not limited to the correctness, accuracy, reliability or usefulness of
* the software.
* Permission to use this software is contingent upon your acceptance
* of the terms of this agreement
* .

aayush.bhatnagar Rancore Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai India. The ABNF for this header is all follows: PAssertedService = "P-Asserted-Service" HCOLON PAssertedService-value PAssertedService-value = Service-ID *(COMMA Service-ID) where, Service-ID = "urn:urn-7:" urn-service-id urn-service-id = top-level *("." sub-service-id) top-level = let-dig [ *26let-dig ] sub-service-id = let-dig [ *let-dig ] let-dig = ALPHA / DIGIT / "-" Egs: P-Asserted-Service: urn:urn-7:3gpp-service.exampletelephony.version1 P-Asserted-Service: urn:urn-7:3gpp-application.exampletelephony.version1
public interface PAssertedServiceHeader extends Header{
    public static final String NAME = "P-Asserted-Service";
    public void setSubserviceIdentifiers(String subservices);
    public void setApplicationIdentifiers(String appids);
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