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* the software.
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* of the terms of this agreement
* .
An interface that allows you to customize address lookup. The user can implement this interface to do DNS lookups or other lookup schemes and register it with the stack. The default implementation of the address resolver does nothing more than just return back the Hop that it was passed (fixing up the port if necessary). However, this behavior can be overriden. To override implement this interface and register it with the stack using gov.nist.javax.sip.SipStackExt.setAddressResolver( This interface will be incorporated into version 2.0 of the JAIN-SIP Specification.

M. Ranganathan
public interface AddressResolver {

Do a name lookup and resolve the given IP address. The default implementation is just an identity mapping (returns the argument).

hop - an incoming Hop containing a potenitally unresolved address.
a new hop ( if the address is recomputed ) or the original hop if this is just an identity mapping ( the default behavior ).
    public Hop resolveAddressHop hop);
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