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  * Conditions Of Use
  * This software was developed by employees of the National Institute of
  * Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the Federal Government.
  * Pursuant to title 15 Untied States Code Section 105, works of NIST
  * employees are not subject to copyright protection in the United States
  * and are considered to be in the public domain.  As a result, a formal
  * license is not needed to use the software.
 * This software is provided by NIST as a service and is expressly
 * AND DATA ACCURACY.  NIST does not warrant or make any representations
 * regarding the use of the software or the results thereof, including but
 * not limited to the correctness, accuracy, reliability or usefulness of
 * the software.
 * Permission to use this software is contingent upon your acceptance
 * of the terms of this agreement
 * .
  * Created on January 14, 2002, 11:40 AM
 package gov.nist.javax.sdp;
 import javax.sdp.*;

Implementation of SDP encoder.

M. Ranganathan
JSR141-PUBLIC-REVIEW (Subject to change).
 public class SdpEncoderImpl {

Creates new SdpEncoderImpl
     public SdpEncoderImpl() {

Specifies the character set to be used to display the session name and information data. By default, the ISO-10646 character set in UTF-8 encoding is used. If a more compact representation is required, other character sets may be used such as ISO-8859-1 for Northern European languages.

enc enc - name of character encoding to use for session name and information data
Throws: if the named encoding is not supported
     public void setEncoding(String encthrows UnsupportedEncodingException {
         throw new UnsupportedEncodingException("Method not supported");

Specifies whether to try to write "typed-time" fields instead of raw integer values. This makes the session description more readable but may have an adverse effect on serialization time. Ordinarily time values are given in numbers of seconds, but for readability they may be specified using logical units. From RFC 2327: To make announcements more compact, times may also be given in units of days, hours or minutes. The syntax for these is a number immediately followed by a single case-sensitive character. Fractional units are not allowed - a smaller unit should be used instead. The following unit specification characters are allowed: d - days (86400 seconds) h - minutes (3600 seconds) m - minutes (60 seconds) s - seconds (allowed for completeness but not recommended)

flag if true this Outputter should emit "typed" time specs in preference to untyped times.
     public void setTypedTime(boolean flag) {

Specifies whether to generate "a=rtpmap:" attributes for static RTP/AVP format strings. This is recommended but makes messages bigger. The default is not to write such attributes.

flag if true "a=rtpmap:" attributes are generated for all "RTP/AVP" formats
     public void setRtpmapAttribute(boolean flag) {

Write the specified SessionDescription to the output stream using the current settings.

sd SessionDescription to serialize
out OutputStream to write serialized SessionDescription to
    public void output(SessionDescription sdOutputStream out)
        throws IOException {
        if (out instanceof ObjectOutputStream) {
            ObjectOutputStream output = (ObjectOutputStreamout;
            if (sd != null)
                throw new IOException("The parameter is null");
        } else
            throw new IOException("The output stream has to be an instance of ObjectOutputStream");
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