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 package gov.nist.javax.sip.stack;
This sample interceptor keeps track of requests stuck in JAIN SIP threads and prints a thread dump when such event occurs periodically.

Vladimir Ralev
public class CallAnalysisInterceptor implements SIPEventInterceptor {
	private static final MetricReference interceptorCheckpoint = new MetricReference("ick");
	public void afterMessage(Message message) {
	public void beforeMessage(Message message) {
	public void destroy() {
		 = null;
	public void init(SipStack stack) {
		Long checkingInterval = Long.parseLong(
				props.getProperty(CallAnalysisInterceptor.class.getName() + ".checkingInterval""1000"));
		Long minStuckTime = Long.parseLong(
				props.getProperty(CallAnalysisInterceptor.class.getName() + ".minStuckTIme""4000"));
		Long minTimeBetweenDumps = Long.parseLong(
				props.getProperty(CallAnalysisInterceptor.class.getName() + ".minTimeBetweenDumps""2000"));
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