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  * This software has been contributed by the author to the public domain.
  * This software is provided by NIST as a service and is expressly
  * AND DATA ACCURACY.  NIST does not warrant or make any representations
  * regarding the use of the software or the results thereof, including but
 * not limited to the correctness, accuracy, reliability or usefulness of
 * the software.
 * Permission to use this software is contingent upon your acceptance
 * of the terms of this agreement
 * .
package gov.nist.javax.sip.stack;
    private Object eventWaitObject = new Object();
    public HandshakeCompletedListenerImpl(TLSMessageChannel tlsMessageChannel) {
    public void handshakeCompleted(HandshakeCompletedEvent handshakeCompletedEvent) {
        this. = handshakeCompletedEvent;
        synchronized () {

Gets the event indicating that the SSL handshake has completed. The method waits until the event has been obtained by the listener or a timeout of 5 seconds has elapsed.

the handshakeCompletedEvent or null when the timeout elapsed
        try {
            synchronized () {
                if ( == null)
        catch (InterruptedException e) {
            // we don't care
        return ;
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