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 public class RoleTypes {

Admin can do everything
 	public final static String ADMIN = "admin";

Analyst only see the "rules" view, and we specify what category paths they can see. They can't create anything, only edit rules, and run tests etc, but only things that are exposed to them via categories
	public final static String ANALYST = "analyst";

Read only for categories (analyst view)
	public final static String ANALYST_READ = "analyst.readonly";

package.admin can do everything within this package
	public final static String PACKAGE_ADMIN = "package.admin";

package.developer can do anything in that package but not snapshots. This includes creating a new package (in which case they inherit permissions for it).
	public final static String PACKAGE_DEVELOPER = "package.developer";

Read only for package.
	public final static String PACKAGE_READONLY = "package.readonly";

A list of all available types.
	public static String[] listAvailableTypes() {
		try {
			Field[] flds = RoleTypes.class.getFields();
			String[] r = new String[flds.length];
			for (int i = 0; i < flds.lengthi++) {
					r[i] = flds[i].get(RoleTypes.class).toString();
			return r;
catch (Exception e) {
			throw new IllegalStateException("Can't get list of permission types.");
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