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distributed-cache=Service which manages replicated cache for HA.
distributed-cache.add=Add the distributed cache manager.
distributed-cache.cache-container=Name of the cache container to use.
distributed-cache.cache-ref=Name of the cache in the cache chontainer to use.
distributed-cache.remove=Remove the distributed cache manager.
jnp-connector=Service which manages naming connector.
jnp-connector.cache-container=Name of the cache container used in case of HA.
jnp-connector.rmi-socket-binding=Name of the socket where the naming connector listen for RMI calls.
jnp-connector.socket-binding=Name of the socket where the naming connector listen.
jnp-server=Service which manages JNP Server
jnp-server.add=Add the JNP server service.
jnp-server.ha=indicates if we are in HA mode or not.
jnp-server.remove=Remove the JNP server service.
legacy-jnp=Subsystem which brings Legacy JNP server.
legacy-jnp.add=Operation adding the Legacy JNP server subsystem
legacy-jnp.remove=Operation removing the Legacy JNP server subsystem
remoting=Service which manages remote connector.
remoting.socket-binding=Name of the socket where the remote connector listen
service=Centrally configurable services that are part of the Legacy JNP subsystem.
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