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  * Copyright (c) 2004 World Wide Web Consortium,
  * (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, European Research Consortium for
  * Informatics and Mathematics, Keio University). All Rights Reserved. This
  * work is distributed under the W3C(r) Software License [1] in the hope that
  * it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
 * [1]
package org.w3c.dom.xpath;

A new exception has been created for exceptions specific to these XPath interfaces.

See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 XPath Specification.

public class XPathException extends RuntimeException {
    public XPathException(short codeString message) {
       this. = code;
    public short   code;
    // XPathExceptionCode
If the expression has a syntax error or otherwise is not a legal expression according to the rules of the specific XPathEvaluator or contains specialized extension functions or variables not supported by this implementation.
    public static final short INVALID_EXPRESSION_ERR    = 51;
If the expression cannot be converted to return the specified type.
    public static final short TYPE_ERR                  = 52;
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