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TEIID16001=VDB {0} with version {1} not found
TEIID16002=Table '{0}' not included in metadata, due to lack of primary keys or unique keys
TEIID16003=Association is not found between entity {0} and {1}
TEIID16004=Entity {0} not found in the schema
TEIID16005=Property {0} not found in the entity {1}
TEIID16006=Negation is not allowed on the property {0}
TEIID16007=Invalid Context Type requested in OData Server
TEIID16008=VDB name not defined on the URL. The url format is http://{host}:{port}/odata/{vdb-name}[.{vdb-version}]/...
TEIID16009=Table {0} not found
TEIID16010=Bad expression provided; or not supported
TEIID16011=EntitySet "{0}" is not found; Check the spelling, use modelName.tableName; The table that representing the Entity type must either have a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE key(s)
TEIID16012=Could not produce a sucessful OData response. Returning status {0} with message {1}.
TEIID16013=Error occured producing OData result.
TEIID16014=Failed to register the VDB listener
TEIID16015=Incomplete key specified for EntitySet "{0}", EntitySet has compound key
TEIID16016=Insert into {0} success, but failed to retrieve auto generated keys from source, thus failed to show result entity; Supply the key values.
TEIID16017=Table '{0}' not included in metadata, due to lack of primary keys or unique keys
TEIID16018=Must configure VDB name and version to proceed
TEIID16019=Invalid URL, no model name found on the path. It should be in the form of "http://<host>[:<port>]/odata4/vdbname/modelname/..."
TEIID16020=Invalid URL, no vdb name found on the path. It should be in the form of "http://<host>[:<port>]/odata4/vdbname/modelname/..."
TEIID16021=Invalid URL, no model name found on the path. It should be in the form of "http://<host>[:<port>]/<context>/modelname/..."
TEIID16022=Unknown Schema or Schema is not visible in VDB
TEIID16023=Key value is not Literal; Only Literal values supported
TEIID16024=Complex properties are not supported in result
TEIID16025=Lambda operators are not supported in the $expand based $filter
TEIID16026=Only primitive properties are supported in $orderby
TEIID16027=Function {0} is not currently supported
TEIID16028=$filter with navigation is found; But only $count is allowed
TEIID16029=Property value for {0} is not supported, as it is multi-dimentional array data type.
TEIID16030=ETag based check to make sure the entity can be updated or not is not implemented.
TEIID16031=Stream property {0} is not correctly modeled as LOB (SQLXML, CLOB or BLOB)
TEIID16032=Procedure '{0}' not included in metadata, because it has more then one parameter with LOB as one of the parameter, or has more than Inout, Out values or has both Return and Resultset values.
TEIID16033=No keys were given for updating {0} table.
TEIID16034=Criteria based expressions are not supported in $orderby
TEIID16035=$search option is not is not supported
TEIID16036='has' operator is not supported.
TEIID16037=Relationship not found to satisfy the query
TEIID16038=Failed to create a connection to the Teiid server.
TEIID16039=Transaction error
TEIID16040=$it used but supplied resource must be an array or entity.
TEIID16041=in $expand system option nested $skip, $top, $count and $levels options are not currently supported
TEIID16042=Multiple $expand nodes are not supported, for ex: /customer?$expand=orders,accounts
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