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ajpMessageOverflow=Overflow error for buffer adding %s bytes at position %s
ajpMessageUnderflow=Requested %s bytes exceeds message available data
attributeNotFound=Can't find attribute %s on %s
cannotAppendNull=Cannot append null value to AJP message
cannotDestroyAjpProtocol=Skip destroy for Coyote AJP/1.3 on %s due to active request processors
cannotDestroyAjpProtocolWithException=Skip destroy for Coyote AJP/1.3 on %s due to active request processors
cannotDestroyHttpProtocol=Skip destroy for Coyote HTTP/1.1 on %s due to active request processors
cannotDestroyHttpProtocolWithException=Skip destroy for Coyote HTTP/1.1 on %s due to active request processors
disabledSslRenegociation=SSL server initiated renegotiation is disabled, closing connection
emptyParamterChunk=Empty parameter chunk ignored
errorAcceptingSocket=Socket accept failed
errorAwaitingRead=Error awaiting read
errorClosingChannel=Error closing clannel
errorClosingSocket=Error closing socket
errorCreatingMbean=Error creating MBean %s
errorCreatingObjectName=Error creating object name
errorCreatingPoller=Poller creation failed
errorDeliveringBayeux=Message delivery error
errorFinishingRequest=Error finishing request
errorFinishingResponse=Error finishing response
errorGettingProperty=Failed getting property %s on object %s
errorGettingSocketInformation=Exception getting socket information
errorGettingSslAttributes=Exception getting SSL attributes
errorInCheckBayeux=Check Bayeux exception
errorInitializingEndpoint=Error initializing endpoint
errorInitializingFilter=Error intializing filter %s
errorInitializingSocketFactory=Error initializing socket factory
errorInvoking=Error invoking %s on %s
errorInvokingOperation=Error invoking operation %s on %s
errorLoading=Error loading %s
errorLoadingKeystore=Failed to load keystore type %s with path %s due to %s
errorLoadingKeystoreWithException=Failed to load keystore type %s with path %s due to %s
errorLoadingMessages=Failed loading HTTP messages strings
errorParsingAjpHeaderMessage=Header message parsing failed.
errorParsingHeader=Error parsing HTTP request header
errorParsingRegexp=Error parsing regular expression %s
errorPausingEndpoint=Error pausing endpoint
errorPollingSocket=Unexpected poller error
errorPollingSocketCode=Unfiltered poll flag %s, sending error
errorPollingSocketWithException=Unexpected poller error
errorPreparingAjpRequest=Error preparing AJP request.
errorPreparingRequest=Error preparing request
errorProcessingAttribute=Error processing attribute %s value %s on %s
errorProcessingBayeux=Error processing Bayeux
errorProcessingCertificates=Certificate conversion failed
errorProcessingChannel=Channel processing failed
errorProcessingChannelDebug=Channel processing failed
errorProcessingChannelWithException=Channel processing failed
errorProcessingRequest=Error processing request
errorProcessingSocket=Error allocating socket processor
errorProcessingSocketTimeout=Error processing timeouts
errorReadingDescriptors=Error reading descriptors
errorRegisteringMbean=Error registering MBean %s
errorRegisteringPool=Threadpool JMX registration failed
errorRegisteringRequest=Error registering request
errorResumingEndpoint=Error resuming endpoint
errorSendingFile.0=Unexpected sendfile error
errorSendingFile.2=Sendfile failure: [%s] %s
errorSendingNotification=Error sending notification
errorSettingProperty=Failed setting property %s on object %s to %s
errorStartingEndpoint=Error starting endpoint
errorTranslatingCertificate=Error translating certificate %s
errorUnregisteringMbean=Error unregistering MBean %s
errorUnregisteringRequest=Error unregistering request
errorWithBlockingRead=Error during blocking read
errorWithBlockingWrite=Error during blocking write
errorWithNonBlockingRead=Error during non blocking read
errorWithNonBlockingWrite=Error during non blocking write
errorWritingMbeans=Error writing MBeans
handshakeFailed.0=Handshake failed
handshakeFailed.1=Handshake failed: %s
initHttpConnector=Coyote HTTP/1.1 initializing on : %s
invalidAjpMessage=Invalid message received with signature %s
invalidCookieHeader=Invalid cookie header [%s].
invalidMaxCertLength=Bad maximum certificate length %s
invalidSpecialCookie=Invalid special cookie [%s].
limitedPollerSize=Failed to create poller with specified size of %s
maxThreadsReached=Maximum number of threads (%s) created for connector with address %s and port %s
noDescriptorsFound=No descriptors found
noInsecureRengotiation=Secure renegotiation is not supported by the SSL library %s
noMbeansFound=No Mbeans found
noMetadata=No metadata for %s
nodeNotFound=Node not found %s
nullComponent=Null %s component
parameterDecodingFailed=Character decoding failed. Parameter [%s] with value [%s] has been ignored.
parameterInvalid=Invalid chunk starting at byte [%s] and ending at byte [%s] with a value of [%s] ignored
parameterMissingEqual=Parameter starting at position [%s] and ending at position [%s] with a value of [%s] was not followed by an '=' character
parametersCopyFailed=Failed to create copy of original parameter values for debug logging purposes
parametersDecodingFailures=Character decoding failed. A total of [%s] failures were detected. Enable debug level logging for this logger to log all failures.
parametersProcessingFailed=Parameters processing failed.
pauseHttpConnector=Coyote HTTP/1.1 pausing on: %s
pausingAjpProtocol=Pausing Coyote AJP/1.3 on %s
pollerFailure=Critical poller failure (restarting poller): [%s] %s
resumeHttpConnector=Coyote HTTP/1.1 resuming on : %s
resumingAjpProtocol=Resuming Coyote AJP/1.3 on %s
socketError=Error reading request, ignored.
socketException=Socket exception processing event.
startHttpConnector=Coyote HTTP/1.1 starting on: %s
startProcessingParameter=Start processing with input [%s]
startingAjpProtocol=Starting Coyote AJP/1.3 on %s
stopHttpConnector=Coyote HTTP/1.1 stopping on : %s
stoppingAjpProtocol=Stopping Coyote AJP/1.3 on %s
unexpectedAjpMessage=Unexpected AJP message with type [%s].
unexpectedError=Unexpected error processing socket
unknownFilter=Unknown filter %s
warnAcceptingSocket=Socket accept failed
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