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ambiguousMethod=Unable to find unambiguous method: %s.%s(%s)
cannotSetVariablesOnFactory=Cannot set variables on factory
errorCallingFunction=Error calling function ''%s''
errorComparing=Cannot compare %s to %s
errorConverting=Cannot convert %s of type %s to %s
errorConvertingWithException=Cannot convert %s of type %s to %s
errorMixedExpression=Expression cannot contain both '#{..}' and '${..}' : %s
errorNotJavaIdentifier=The identifier [%s] is not a valid Java identifier as required by section 1.19 of the EL specification (Identifier ::= Java language identifier). This check can be disabled by setting the system property org.apache.el.parser.SKIP_IDENTIFIER_CHECK to true.
errorNullBaseObject=ELResolver cannot handle a null base Object with identifier ''%s''
errorNullExpression=Expression cannot be null
errorNullType=Expected type cannot be null
errorParse=Failed to parse the expression [%s]
errorPropertyNotWritable=ValueExpression is a literal and not writable: %s
errorResolving=ELResolver did not handle type: %s with property of ''%s''
errorResolvingIdentifierType=Target Unreachable, identifier ''%s'' resolved to null
errorResolvingProperty=Target Unreachable, ''%s'' returned null
errorWithSetSyntax=Illegal Syntax for Set Operation
functionNotFound=Function ''%s'' not found
functionWrongParameterCount=Function ''%s'' specifies %s params, but %s were declared
invalidIdentityHasWrongType=Identity '%s' does not reference a MethodExpression instance, returned type: %s
invalidMethodExpression=Invalid method expression: %s
invalidNullFunctionMapper=Function mapper is null
invalidNullIdentity=Identity '%s' was null and was unable to invoke
invalidNullLocalName=Local name is null
invalidNullMethod=Method is null
invalidNullVariableMapper=Variable mapper is null
methodNotFound=Method not found: %s.%s(%s)
missingFunctionMapper=Expression uses functions, but no FunctionMapper was provided
nullParameterTypes=Parameter types cannot be null
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