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cannotAddTrackersOnceFinished=No new trackers can be added once finished
emptyLineAfterHeaders=Expected headers to be terminated by an empty line
errorWritingUpload=Cannot write uploaded file to disk
failedListingDirectory=Failed listing contents of directory %s
failedToDelete=Deletion failed: %s
failedToDeleteDirectory=Unable to delete directory %s
failedToDeleteFile=Unable to delete file %s
invalidBoundary=The boundary specified in the %s header is too long
invalidBoundaryToken=The length of a boundary token can not be changed
invalidContentType=The request doesn't contain a %s or %s stream, content type header is %s
invalidFileName=Invalid file name: %s
invalidHeader=Header section has more than %s bytes (maybe it is not properly terminated)
maxFieldSizeExceeded=The field %s exceeds its maximum permitted size of %s bytes
maxRequestSizeExceeded=The request was rejected because its size (%s) exceeds the configured maximum (%s)
missingDirectory=Directory %s does not exist
missingFile=File %s does not exist
missingMultipartBoundary=The request was rejected because no multipart boundary was found
missingTemporaryFilePrefix=Temporary file prefix is missing
multipartProcessingFailed=Processing of %s request failed: %s
multipartStreamBufferSizeTooSmall=The buffer size specified for the MultipartStream is too small
negativeBufferSize=Negative initial size: %s
noDataAvailable=No more data is available
notDirectory=Path %s is not a directory
nullContext=Null context
nullFactory=No FileItemFactory has been set
nullFile=Null file
nullPath=Null path
streamAlreadyOpened=The stream was already opened
streamNotClosed=Stream not closed
unexpectedCharactersAfterBoundary=Unexpected characters follow a boundary
unexpectedEndOfStream=Stream ended unexpectedly
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