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aprInit=Loaded native library %s.%s.%s with APR capabilities: IPv6 [%s], sendfile [%s], random [%s]
aprInitFailed=The native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.library.path: %s
aprInitFailedWithThrowable=The native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.library.path: %s
aprInvalidVersion=An incompatible version %s.%s.%s of the native library is installed, while JBoss Web requires version %s.%s.%s
aprRecommendedVersion=An older version %s.%s.%s of the native library is installed, while JBoss Web recommends version greater than %s.%s.%s
aprSslEngineInitFailed=Failed to initialize the SSLEngine
aprSslEngineInitFailedWithThrowable=Failed to initialize the SSLEngine
authenticatorConfigured=Configured an authenticator for method %s
backgroundProcessingError=Background processing error in [%s]
cannotFindAuthenticatoMappings=Cannot load authenticators mapping list
cannotFindContextJmxParentName=Cannot find context %s parent Host JMX name
certificateProcessingFailed=Failed to process certificate string [%s] to create a object
clientAbortException=Client abort exception: %s
connectorAlreadyInitialized=The connector has already been initialized
connectorAlreadyStarted=The connector has already been started
connectorNotStarted=The connector has not been started
connectorStopFailed=Connector stop failure
containerAlreadyStarted=Container %s has already been started
containerNotStarted=Container %s has not been started
contextJmxRegistrationFailed=Context %s JMX registration failed
contextObjectNameCreationFailed=Context %s object name creation failed
contextUnavailable=Marking this application unavailable due to previous error(s)
deserializationError=Deserialization error
digestCacheRemove=A valid entry has been removed from client nonce cache to make room for new entries. A replay attack is now possible. To prevent the possibility of replay attacks, reduce nonceValidity or increase cnonceCacheSize. Further warnings of this type will be suppressed for 5 minutes.
duplicateListener=The listener %s is already configured for this context, the duplicate definition has been ignored
errorClosingOldAccessLog=Error closing old log file
errorCreatingGcDaemon=Failed to trigger creation of the GC Daemon thread during start to prevent possible memory leaks. This is expected on non-Sun JVMs.
errorDigestingCredentials=Error digesting user credentials
errorDisablingUrlConnectionCaching=Failed to disable Jar URL connection caching by default
errorInPeriodicOperation=Error invoking periodic operation
errorInitializingConnector=Error initializing connector
errorInitializingResources=Error initializing resources
errorInitializingService=Error initializing service
errorInstantiatingServletClass=Error instantiating servlet class %s
errorLoadingJaxp=Error whilst attempting to prevent memory leaks during XML parsing
errorLoadingLdapPoolManager=Failed to trigger creation of the com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapPoolManager class during Tomcat start to prevent possible memory leaks. This is expected on non-Sun JVMs.
errorLoadingLeakClass=Failed to load class %s during Tomcat start to prevent possible memory leaks.
errorLoadingPolicy=Error whilst attempting to prevent memory leak in class
errorPageStartsWithSlash=Error page location %s must start with a ''/'' in Servlet 2.4
errorResettingContext=Error resetting context %s
errorRotatingAccessLog=Access log rotation failed
errorStartingCluster=Error starting cluster
errorStartingConnector=Error starting connector
errorStartingContext=Error starting context %s
errorStartingContextCleanup=Error performing failed context %s start cleanup
errorStartingContextWillStop=Error detected during context %s start, will stop it
errorStartingExecutor=Error starting executor
errorStartingLoader=Error starting loader
errorStartingManager=Error starting manager
errorStartingRealm=Error starting realm
errorStartingResources=Error starting context
errorStartingService=Error starting service
errorStartingValve=Error starting valve
errorStoppingChild=Error starting realm
errorStoppingCluster=Error stopping cluster
errorStoppingConnector=Error stopping connector
errorStoppingContext=Error stopping context %s
errorStoppingExecutor=Error stopping executor
errorStoppingLoader=Error stopping loader
errorStoppingManager=Error stopping manager
errorStoppingRealm=Error stopping realm
errorStoppingResources=Error stopping context
errorStoppingValve=Error stopping valve
exceptionDuringComplete=The AsyncLisnener %s onComplete threw an exception, which will be ignored
exceptionDuringService=An exception or error occurred in the container during the request processing
exceptionProcessingMultipart=Exception thrown whilst processing multipart
exceptionProcessingParameters=Exception thrown whilst processing POSTed parameters
expiresHeaderAlreadyDefined=Request [%s] with response status %s content-type %s, expiration header already defined
expiresResponseAlreadyCommitted=Request [%s], can not apply ExpiresFilter on already committed response
expiresSkipStatusCode=Request [%s] with response status %s content-type %s, skip expiration header generation for given status
expiresUnknownParameter=Unknown parameter %s with value %s is ignored
extendedAccessLogBadXParam=X param in wrong format. Needs to be 'x-#(...)'
extendedAccessLogCannotDecode=The next characters couldn't be decoded: %s
extendedAccessLogCannotDecodeXParamValue=X param for servlet request, couldn't decode value: %s
extendedAccessLogEmptyPattern=Pattern was just empty or whitespace
extendedAccessLogMissingClosing=No closing ) found for in decode
extendedAccessLogPatternParseError=Pattern parse error
extendedAccessLogUnknownToken=Unable to decode with rest of chars starting: %s
failedConnectorJmxRegistration=Failed connector [%s] JMX registration
failedConnectorJmxUnregistration=Failed connector [%s] JMX unregistration
failedContainerJmxUnregistration=Failed container [%s] JMX unregistration
failedEngineJmxRegistration=Failed engine [%s] JMX registration
failedHostJmxRegistration=Failed host [%s] JMX registration
failedLoadingAuthenticatoMappings=Cannot load authenticators mapping list
failedLoadingAuthenticator=Cannot instantiate an authenticator of class %s
failedObtainingWorkDirectory=Failed access to work directory for Context %s
failedProtocolJmxRegistration.0=Cannot proceed with protocol handler JMX registration
failedProtocolJmxRegistration.1=Failed protocol handler [%s] JMX registration
failedProtocolJmxUnregistration=Failed protocol handler [%s] JMX unregistration.
failedRealmJmxRegistration=Failed realm [%s] JMX registration
failedRealmJmxUnregistration=Failed realm [%s] JMX unregistration
failedServerJmxRegistration=Failed server [%s] JMX registration
failedServiceCreation=Error setting up service
failedServiceJmxRegistration=Failed service [%s] JMX registration
failedServletJmxRegistration=Failed Servlet [%s] JMX registration
failedServletJspMonitorJmxRegistration=Failed Servlet [%s] JSP monitoring JMX registration
failedSessionManagerJmxRegistration=Failed session manager [%s] JMX registration.
failedValveJmxRegistration=Failed valve [%s] JMX registration
failedValveJmxUnregistration=Failed valve [%s] JMX unregistration
fileCopyError=Error copying %s to %s
fileDeleteError=%s could not be completely deleted. The presence of the remaining files may cause problems
filterJmxRegistrationFailed=JMX registration failed for filter of type [%s] and name [%s]
filterJmxUnregistrationFailed=JMX unregistration failed for filter of type [%s] and name [%s]
invalidEncoding=Invalid URI encoding, will use straight conversion
invalidEncodingUseHttpDefault=Invalid URI encoding, will use HTTP default
invalidErrorReportValveClass=Failed loding specified error report valve class: %s
jspContainerInitializationFailed=JSP container initialization failed
jspFileStartsWithSlash=JSP file %s must start with a ''/'' in Servlet 2.4
loginPageStartsWithSlash=Form login page %s must start with a ''/'' in Servlet 2.4
managerInvalidSessionTimeout=Invalid session timeout setting %s
managerLoadFailed=Exception loading persisted sessions.
managerUnloadFailed=Exception unloading persisted sessions.
missingJspServlet=Cannot find JSP Servlet, so ignoring jsp-property-group mappings
missingParentJmxRegistration=Missing parent [%s]
missingSecurityProvider=The SSL provider specified on the connector associated with this request of [%s] is invalid. The certificate data could not be processed.
noAuthenticatorForAuthMethod=Cannot configure an authenticator for method %s
noRealmFound=No Realm has been configured to authenticate against
noStoreConfigured=No store is configured, persistence disabled
persistentManagerBackupSession=Backing up session %s to Store, idle for %s seconds
persistentManagerCheckIdle=Too many active sessions [%s] looking for idle sessions to swap out
persistentManagerIsLoadedException=Exception checking load state for session %s
persistentManagerLoadFailed=Error loading persisted sessions
persistentManagerSessionRemoveFailed=Error removing session %s
persistentManagerSessionUnloadCount=Unloading %s sessions
persistentManagerStoreClearException=Exception clearing session store
persistentManagerStoreSaveError=Error saving session %s to store
persistentManagerSwapIdleSession=Swapping out session %s, idle for %s seconds too many sessions active
persistentManagerSwapInFailed=Error swapping in session %s
persistentManagerSwapInInvalid=Swapped in invalid session %s
persistentManagerSwapOutFailed=Error swapping out session %s
pipelineAlreadyStarted=Pipeline already started
pipelineNotStarted=Pipeline has not been started
postDataTooLarge=Parameters were not parsed because the size of the posted data was too big. Use the maxPostSize attribute of the connector to resolve this if the application should accept large POSTs.
protocolHandlerPauseFailed=Protocol handler pause failed
protocolHandlerResumeFailed=Protocol handler resume failed
roleValidationAuth=Security role name %s used in an <auth-constraint> without being defined in a <security-role>
roleValidationLink=Security role name %s used in a <run-as> without being defined in a <security-role>
roleValidationRunAs=Security role name %s used in a <role-link> without being defined in a <security-role>
serviceAlreadyStarted=This service has already been started
serviceNotStarted=This service has not been started
servletDidNotReadAvailableData=The Servlet did not read all available bytes during the processing of the read event
sessionSwapIn=Swapped in session %s
sessionSwapOut=Swapping session %s to Store, idle for %s seconds
startingFilter=Starting filter %s
startingService=Starting service %s
stoppingFilter=Stopping filter %s
stoppingService=Stopping service %s
stuckThreadCompleted=Thread %s (id=%s) was previously reported to be stuck but has completed. It was active for approximately %s milliseconds. There is/are still %s thread(s) that are monitored by this Valve and may be stuck.
stuckThreadDetected=Thread %s (id=%s) has been active for %s milliseconds (since %s) to serve the same request for %s and may be stuck (configured threshold for this StuckThreadDetectionValve is %s seconds). There is/are %s thread(s) in total that are monitored by this Valve and may be stuck.
suspiciousUrlPattern=Suspicious url pattern: %s in context %s - see section SRV.11.2 of the Servlet specification
urlPatternStartsWithSlash=URL pattern %s must start with a ''/'' in Servlet 2.4
usingJavaIoConnector=NIO 2 is not available, the connector will be used instead
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