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backgroundProcessFailed=A background process failed
cannotFlushOnClose=Cannot flush batched messages after closing the session
closeFailed=Failed to close the ServletOutputStream connection cleanly
closeMessageFail=Failed to send close message to remote endpoint
closeSessionFailed=Failed to close WebSocket session during error handling
destroyFailed=Failed to close WebConnection while destroying the WebSocket HttpUpgradeHandler
errorClose=Failed to close channel cleanly
flushOnCloseFailed=Flushing batched messages before closing the session failed
invalidHttpHeader=Unable to parse HTTP header as no colon is present to delimit header name and header value in [%s]. The header has been skipped.
noOnError=No error handling configured for [%s] and the following error occurred
noWebsocketsSupport=WebSocket support is not available when running on Java 6
onCloseFailed=Failed to call onClose method of POJO end point for POJO of type [%s]
onErrorFailed=Failed to call onError method of POJO end point for POJO of type [%s]
onOpenFailed=Failed to call onOpen method of POJO end point for POJO of type [%s]
sessionCloseFailed=Session with ID [%s] did not close cleanly
threadGroupNotDestryed=Thread group %s not destroyed, %s threads left
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