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aprError=(Error on:
bufferOverflow=Buffer length %s overflow with limit %s and no sink
chunkedFilterError=Chunked input filter error
eofError=Unexpected EOF read on the socket
errorGeneratingUuid=Unable to fit %s bytes into the array. length:%s required length: %s
errorGettingAttribute=Error getting attribute %s
errorInstantiatingModelMbean=Cannot instantiate model MBean %s
errorInvokingMethod=Error invoking method %s
errorLoadingModelMbean=Cannot load model MBean %s
errorLoadingSslImplementation=Error loading SSL implementation %s
errorProcessingUrl=Error processing URL: %s
errorSettingAttribute=Error setting attribute %s
errorUnwrappingData=Unable to unwrap data, invalid status %s
errorUnwrappingHandshake=Error encountered during handshake unwrap
errorWrappingHandshake=Error encountered during handshake wrap
errorWrappingHandshakeStatus=Unexpected status %s during handshake wrap
failedRead=Socket read failed
failedWrite=Socket write failed
hexaBad=Bad hexadecimal digit
hexaOdd=Odd number of hexadecimal digits
incompleteHandshake=Handshake incomplete, you must complete handshake before read/write data
invalidAjpMessage=Invalid message received
invalidBacklog=Backlog is present
invalidBasePath=Base path does not start with '/'
invalidBayeuxClientId=Invalid client id
invalidBayeuxConfiguration=Misconfigured server, must be configured to support Comet operations
invalidBayeuxHandshake=Invalid handshake
invalidBayeuxMessageData=Invalid JSON object in data attribute
invalidChunkHeader=Invalid chunk header
invalidControlCharacter=Control character in cookie value or attribute
invalidCrlf=Invalid CRLF
invalidCrlfNoCr=Invalid CRLF, no CR character encountered
invalidCrlfTwoCr=Invalid CRLF, two CR characters encountered
invalidEscapeCharacter=Invalid escape character in cookie value
invalidHex=Invalid HEX
invalidIp6Address=Closing ']' not found in IPV6 address %s
invalidIpAddress=Invalid IP address %s: %s
invalidMessagePublish=Invalid message class, you can only publish messages created through the Bayeux.newMessage() method
invalidNullChannelPattern=Channel pattern must not be null
invalidRelativeUrlReference=Invalid relative URL reference
invalidSSLConfiguration=SSL configuration is invalid due to %s
invalidSlash=Invalid slash
invalidSource=Cannot process source: %s
invalidSslCipherSuite=SSL handshake failed, cipher suite in SSL Session is SSL_NULL_WITH_NULL_NULL
mapperContextNotFound=No context found: %s
mapperHostNotFound=No host found: %s
maxExtensionSizeExceeded=Maximum extension size [%s] exceeded for this request
maxHeadersFail=Header count exceeded allowed maximum [%s]
maxParametersFail=More than the maximum number of request parameters (GET plus POST) for a single request (%s) were detected. Any parameters beyond this limit have been ignored. To change this limit, set the maxParameterCount attribute on the Connector.
missingAprThreadsSupport=Missing APR threads support
mustInitFirst=Must call init first
noBayeuxConnectionType=Client doesn't support any appropriate connection type
noBayeuxMessage=No Bayeux message to send
noBayeuxMessageData=Message data missing
noBayeuxSubscription=No Bayeux subscription
noCipherMatch=No cipher match
noKeyAlias=Alias name %s does not identify a key entry
noSslImplementation=No SSL implementation
notHandshaking=NOT_HANDSHAKING during handshake
nullAttribute=Attribute is null
nullAttributeName=Attribute name is null
nullAttributeNameList=Attribute name list is null
nullHandler=Null handler
nullListener=Null listener
nullManagedResource=Null managed resource
nullMessage=Null message
nullMethodName=Method name is null
nullNotification=Null notification
nullSslEngine=Null SSL engine
operationNotSupported=Operation not supported
requestHeaderTooLarge=Request header is too large
socketBindFailed=Socket bind failed: [%s] %s
socketListenFailed=Socket listen failed: [%s] %s
sslHandshakeData=Unexpected data read during handshake
sslHandshakeError=SSL handshake error
sslHandshakeTimeout=SSL handshake timeout
threadStopped=Thread [%s] stopped to avoid potential leak
tooManyHooks=Too many hooks registered %s
unexpectedEof=Unexpected EOF
unsupportedAprVersion=Unsupported APR Version %s
unsupportedCrl=Certificate revocation list is not supported for algorithm %s
urlWithNoProtocol=URL with no protocol: %s
utf8DecodingEof=EOF while decoding UTF-8
utf8DecodingFailure.3=UTF-8 decoding failure, byte sequence [%s, %s, %s]
utf8DecodingFailure.4=UTF-8 decoding failure, byte sequence [%s, %s, %s, %s]
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