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   *  Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
   *  contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
   *  this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
   *  The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
   *  (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
   *  the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
  *  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
  *  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
  *  WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
  *  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
  *  limitations under the License.
 /* SSLSupport
    Interface for SSL-specific functions
    @author EKR
 public interface SSLSupport {

A mapping table to determine the number of effective bits in the key when using a cipher suite containing the specified cipher name. The underlying data came from the TLS Specification (RFC 2246), Appendix C.
      static final CipherData ciphers[] = {
         new CipherData("_WITH_NULL_", 0),
         new CipherData("_WITH_IDEA_CBC_", 128),
         new CipherData("_WITH_RC2_CBC_40_", 40),
         new CipherData("_WITH_RC4_40_", 40),
         new CipherData("_WITH_RC4_128_", 128),
         new CipherData("_WITH_DES40_CBC_", 40),
         new CipherData("_WITH_DES_CBC_", 56),
         new CipherData("_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_", 168),
         new CipherData("_WITH_AES_128_CBC_", 128),
         new CipherData("_WITH_AES_256_CBC_", 256)

The cipher suite being used on this connection.
     public String getCipherSuite() throws IOException;

The client certificate chain (if any).
     public Object[] getPeerCertificateChain()
         throws IOException;

The client certificate chain (if any).

force If true, then re-negotiate the connection if necessary.
     public Object[] getPeerCertificateChain(boolean force)
         throws IOException;

Get the keysize. What we're supposed to put here is ill-defined by the Servlet spec (S 4.7 again). There are at least 4 potential values that might go here: (a) The size of the encryption key (b) The size of the MAC key (c) The size of the key-exchange key (d) The size of the signature key used by the server Unfortunately, all of these values are nonsensical.
     public Integer getKeySize()
         throws IOException;

The current session Id.
     public String getSessionId()
         throws IOException;
Simple data class that represents the cipher being used, along with the corresponding effective key size. The specified phrase must appear in the name of the cipher suite to be recognized.
     final class CipherData {
         public String phrase = null;
        public int keySize = 0;
        public CipherData(String phraseint keySize) {
            this. = phrase;
            this. = keySize;
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