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asyncClose=Response has been closed already
asyncDispatchError=Async dispatch processing for servlet %s threw exception
asyncListenerError=Async listener processing for servlet %s threw exception
asyncRunnableError=Async runnable processing for servlet %s threw exception
attributeNameNotSpecified=Cannot call setAttribute with a null name
attributesEventListenerException=Exception thrown by attributes event listener
authenticationFailure=Failed to authenticate a principal
authenticatorAlreadyStarted=Security Interceptor has already been started
authenticatorNeedsContext=Configuration error: Must be attached to a Context
authenticatorNotStarted=Security Interceptor has not yet been started
badHexDigit=Bad hexadecimal digit
bufferTooSmall=The buffer is not big enough to contain the message currently being processed
cannotAddFilterRegistrationAfterInit=Context %s has already been initialized
cannotAddServletRegistrationAfterInit=Context %s has already been initialized
cannotAllocateServletInstance=Error allocating a servlet instance
cannotAllocateServletWhileUnloading=Cannot allocate servlet %s because it is being unloaded
cannotChangeBufferSize=Cannot change buffer size after data has been written
cannotCreateRandom=Unable to create Random source using class %s
cannotCreateSession=Cannot create a session after the response has been committed
cannotFindDispatchContext=Could not determine or access context for server absolute URI %s
cannotForwardAfterCommit=Cannot forward after response has been committed
cannotResetBuffer=Cannot reset buffer after response has been committed
cannotSendError=Cannot call sendError() after the response has been committed
cannotSendFile=Cannot call sendFile() after the response has been committed
cannotSendRedirect=Cannot call sendRedirect() after the response has been committed
cannotSendUpgrade=Cannot call sendUpgrade() after the response has been committed
cannotSetListenerWithoutUpgradeOrAsync=Cannot use a read or write listener without upgrading or starting async
cannotSetResourcesAfterStart=Cannot set resources after Context startup
cannotStartAsync=Cannot start async
cannotUpgradeWithoutEvents=Cannot upgrade from HTTP/1.1 without IO events
certificateAuthenticationFailure=Cannot authenticate with the provided credentials
cgiErrorLogPrefix=CGI stderr: %s
cgiException=Error running CGI: %s
cgiExceptionClosingHeaderReader=Error closing header reader: %s
cgiExceptionClosingOutputStream=Error closing output stream: %s
cgiInterrupted=Interrupted waiting for stderr reader thread
cgiInvalidHeader=Running CGI: bad header line: %s
cgiInvalidStatusCode=Invalid status code: %s
cgiInvalidStatusLine=Invalid HTTP status line: %s
cgiInvalidStatusValue=Invalid status value: %s
cgiStderrErrror=Error reading error reader
containerChildNameNotUnique=Child container with name %s already exists
containerChildStartFailed=Failed to start child container %s
containerChildWithNullName=Child container name cannot be null
contextAlreadyInitialized=Context %s is already initialized
contextChildMustBeWrapper=Child of a Context must be a Wrapper
contextObjectCreationError=Error creating instance
dispatcherMappingError=Dispatcher mapping error
duplicateContextParameters=Duplicate context initialization parameter %s
engineChildMustBeHost=Child of an Engine must be a Host
engineHasNoParent=Engine cannot have a parent Container
errorAcknowledgingRequest=Error acknowledging request for Servlet %s
errorCreatingWrapper=Create wrapper failed
errorDestroyingApplicationListener=Error destroying application listener of class %s
errorDestroyingFilter=Error destroying filter %s
errorDestroyingServlet=Servlet.destroy() for servlet %s threw exception
errorForwardingToFormError=Unexpected error forwarding to error page
errorForwardingToFormLogin=Unexpected error forwarding to login page
errorGettingKeys=Error getting keys
errorInitializingContext=Error initializing context
errorInitializingServlet=Servlet.init() for servlet %s threw exception
errorInstantiatingServletClass=Error instantiating servlet class %s
errorInstatiatingApplicationListener=Error configuring application listener of class %s
errorLoadingServlet=Servlet %s threw load() exception
errorPageMustStartWithSlash=Error page location %s must start with a ''/''
errorProcessingErrorPage=Exception processing error page %s
errorProcessingSessionExpires=Session %s expires processing failed
errorRemovingKey=Error removing key %s
errorReport=Error report
errorSendingContextDestroyedEvent=Exception sending context destroyed event to listener instance of class %s
errorSendingContextInitializedEvent=Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class %s
errorStartingAsync=Error invoking onStartAsync on listener of class %s
errorStartingFilter=Exception starting filter %s
errorStoppingFilter=Exception releasing filter %s
errorUnloadingServlet=Servlet %s threw unload exception
errorUpgrading=Unable to cast to the internal request class in order to complete HTTP upgrade
eventValveExceptionDuringEvent=Exception processing event.
eventValveSessionListenerException=Exception processing session listener event.
exceptionReport=Exception report
expiresDurationNotFound=Duration not found in directive %s
expiresDurationUnitNotFound=Duration unit not found after amount %s in directive %s
expiresExceptionProcessingParameter=Exception processing configuration parameter %s: %s
expiresInvalidDuration=Invalid duration (number) %s in directive %s
expiresInvalidDurationUnit=Invalid duration unit (years|months|weeks|days|hours|minutes|seconds) %s in directive %s
expiresInvalidStartingPoint=Invalid starting point (access|now|modification|a<seconds>|m<seconds>) %s in directive %s
expiresStartingPointNotFound=Starting point (access|now|modification|a<seconds>|m<seconds>) not found in directive %s
expiresUnsupportedStartingPoint=Unsupported startingPoint %s
fileStoreFileNotFound=No persisted data file found
fileStoreSessionLoad=Loading Session %s from file %s
fileStoreSessionRemove=Removing Session %s at file %s
fileStoreSessionSave=Saving Session %s to file %s
filterException=Filter execution threw an exception
forbiddenAccess=Access to the requested resource has been denied
frameEos=The end of the stream was reached when trying to read the first byte of a new WebSocket frame
frameFailedRead=Failed to read the first byte of the next WebSocket frame. The return value from the read was [%s]
frameInvalidUtf8=A sequence of bytes was received that did not represent valid UTF-8
frameNotContinuation=A frame with the OpCode [%s] was received when a continuation frame was expected
frameNotMasked=The client frame was not masked but all client frames must be masked
frameUnknownOpcode=A frame with the unrecognized OpCode [%s] was received
hostChildMustBeContext=Child of a Host must be a Context
hostNameIsNull=Host name is required
http100=The client may continue.
http101=The server is switching protocols according to the 'Upgrade' header.
http102=The server has accepted the complete request, but has not yet completed it.
http201=The request succeeded and a new resource has been created on the server.
http202=This request was accepted for processing, but has not been completed.
http203=The meta information presented by the client did not originate from the server.
http204=The request succeeded but there is no information to return.
http205=The client should reset the document view which caused this request to be sent.
http206=The server has fulfilled a partial GET request for this resource.
http207=Multiple status values have been returned.
http208=This collection binding was already reported.
http226=The response is a representation of the result of one or more instance-manipulations applied to the current instance.
http300=The requested resource corresponds to any one of a set of representations, each with its own specific location.
http301=The requested resource has moved permanently to a new location.
http302=The requested resource has moved temporarily to a new location.
http303=The response to this request can be found under a different URI.
http304=The requested resource is available and has not been modified.
http305=The requested resource must be accessed through the proxy given by the 'Location' header.
http307=The requested resource resides temporarily under a different URI.
http308=The target resource has been assigned a new permanent URI and any future references to this resource SHOULD use one of the returned URIs.
http400=The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect.
http401=This request requires HTTP authentication.
http402=Payment is required for access to this resource.
http403=Access to the specified resource has been forbidden.
http404=The requested resource is not available.
http405=The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource.
http406=The resource identified by this request is only capable of generating responses with characteristics not acceptable according to the request 'Accept' headers.
http407=The client must first authenticate itself with the proxy.
http408=The client did not produce a request within the time that the server was prepared to wait.
http409=The request could not be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the resource.
http410=The requested resource is no longer available, and no forwarding address is known.
http411=This request cannot be handled without a defined content length.
http412=A specified precondition has failed for this request.
http413=The request entity is larger than the server is willing or able to process.
http414=The server refused this request because the request URI was too long.
http415=The server refused this request because the request entity is in a format not supported by the requested resource for the requested method.
http416=The requested byte range cannot be satisfied.
http417=The expectation given in the 'Expect' request header could not be fulfilled.
http422=The server understood the content type and syntax of the request but was unable to process the contained instructions.
http423=The source or destination resource of a method is locked.
http424=The method could not be performed on the resource because the requested action depended on another action and that action failed.
http426=The request can only be completed after a protocol upgrade.
http428=The request is required to be conditional.
http429=The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time.
http431=The server refused this request because the request header fields are too large.
http500=The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.
http501=The server does not support the functionality needed to fulfill this request.
http502=This server received an invalid response from a server it consulted when acting as a proxy or gateway.
http503=The requested service is not currently available.
http504=The server received a timeout from an upstream server while acting as a gateway or proxy.
http505=The server does not support the requested HTTP protocol version.
http506=The chosen variant resource is configured to engage in transparent content negotiation itself, and is therefore not a proper end point in the negotiation process.
http507=The resource does not have sufficient space to record the state of the resource after execution of this method.
http508=The server terminated an operation because it encountered an infinite loop.
http510=The policy for accessing the resource has not been met in the request.
http511=The client needs to authenticate to gain network access.
ignoredExternalEntity.2=Ignored external entity %s %s
ignoredExternalEntity.4=Ignored external entity %s %s %s %s
ignoredExternalSubset=Ignored external subset %s %s
illegalDigestEncoding=Illegal digest encoding %s
inputStreamAlreadyUsed=getInputStream() has already been called for this request
invalidContextListener=Bad listener class %s for context %s
invalidContextListenerWithException=Bad listener class %s for context %s
invalidDispatcherPath=Path %s does not start with a '/' character
invalidDispatcherPathString=Path %s does not start with a '/' character
invalidEmptyRole=Invalid empty role specified for context %s
invalidFilterMappingUrlPattern=Invalid <url-pattern> %s in filter mapping
invalidFilterRegistrationArguments=Illegal null or empty argument specified
invalidFormLoginDirectReference=Invalid direct reference to form login page
invalidHttpPortNumber=Invalid HTTP port number specified %s
invalidHttpsPortNumber=Invalid HTTPS port number specified %s
invalidMessageDigest=Invalid message digest algorithm %s specified
invalidNullAttribute=Null attribute
invalidNullAttributeName=Null attribute name
invalidNumChars=Num chars can't be negative
invalidNumberInList=Exception parsing number %s (zero based) of comma delimited list %s
invalidReadAhead=Invalid negative read ahead %s specified
invalidSecurityConstraintUrlPattern=Invalid <url-pattern> %s in security constraint
invalidSendFilePath=Invalid path for sendfile %s
invalidServletMappingUrlPattern=Invalid <url-pattern> %s in Servlet mapping
invalidServletRegistrationArguments=Illegal null or empty argument specified
invalidSession=Session already invalidated
invalidWrapper=An attempt was made to access the request object passed to WebSocketServlet.createWebSocketInbound() outside of that method
invalidWrapperClass=%s is not a subclass of StandardWrapper
ioListenerError=IO listener processing for servlet %s threw exception
jaxpInitializationFailed=JAXP initialization failed
jdbcAccessLogValveConnectionCloseError=Exception closing database connection.
jdbcAccessLogValveInsertError=Exception performing insert access entry.
jdbcStoreConnectionReopenFailed=The re-open on the database failed. The database could be down.
jdbcStoreConnectionWasClosed=The database connection is null or was found to be closed. Trying to re-open it.
jdbcStoreDatabaseError=JDBC Store SQL exception
jdbcStoreDriverFailure=JDBC driver class not found %s
jdbcStoreIdNotFound=No persisted data object found
jdbcStoreSessionLoad=Loading Session %s from file %s
jdbcStoreSessionRemove=Removing Session %s at file %s
jdbcStoreSessionSave=Saving Session %s to file %s
jspFileMustStartWithSlash=JSP file %s must start with a ''/''
listenerCreationFailed=Failed to instantiate class %s
listingDirectoryParent=Up To %s
listingDirectoryTitle=Directory Listing For %s
listingLastModified=Last Modified
lockedParameterMap=No modifications are allowed to a locked ParameterMap
lockedResourceSet=No modifications are allowed to a locked ResourceSet
loginPageMustStartWithSlash=Form login page %s must start with a ''/'
logoutFailure=Exception logging out user
managerMaxActiveSessions=Session creation failed due to too many active sessions
markingServletUnavailable=Marking servlet %s as unavailable
missingFilterMapping=Filter mapping must specify either a <url-pattern> or a <servlet-name>
missingInstanceSupport=Servlet %s does not have any instance support
missingParameterNameOrValue=Both parameter name and parameter value are required
missingRequestCertificate=No client certificate chain in this request
multipartIoProcessingFailed=Exception thrown whilst processing multipart
multipartProcessingFailed=Exception thrown whilst processing multipart
noAsync=The servlet or filters that are being used by this request do not support async operation
noAuthenticator=No authenticator available for programmatic login
noClassSpecifiedForServlet=No servlet class has been specified for servlet %s
noContext=No Context was mapped to process this request
noHost=No host [%s] mapped
noMD5Digest=Missing MD5 digest
noSendFile=Sendfile is disabled
notMultipart=The request is not multipart content
notOriginalRequestInDispatcher=Original SevletRequest or wrapped original ServletRequest not passed to RequestDispatcher in violation of SRV.8.2 and SRV.
notOriginalResponseInDispatcher=Original SevletResponse or wrapped original ServletResponse not passed to RequestDispatcher in violation of SRV.8.2 and SRV.
nullErrorPage=ErrorPage cannot be null
nullListener=Null read or write listener
nullLoginConfig=LoginConfig cannot be null
nullRequestFacade=The request object has been recycled and is no longer associated with this facade
nullResponseFacade=The response object has been recycled and is no longer associated with this facade
oddNomberOfHexDigits=Odd number of hexadecimal digits
outboundClosed=The WebSocket connection has been closed
outputStreamAlreadyUsed=getOutputStream() has already been called for this response
parentNotContext=Parent Container is not a Context
persistentManagerDeserializeError=Error deserializing Session %s
postDataTooLarge=Parameters were not parsed because the size of the posted data was too big. Use the maxPostSize attribute of the connector to resolve this if the application should accept large POSTs.
preDestroyException=Exception processing component pre destroy
propertyNotFound=The property %s is not defined for filters of type %s
protocolHandlerDestroyFailed=Protocol handler destroy failed
protocolHandlerInitFailed=Protocol handler initialization failed
protocolHandlerInstantiationFailed=Failed to instatiate protocol handler
protocolHandlerStartFailed=Protocol handler start failed
readListenerAlreadySet=Read listener already set
readerAlreadyUsed=getReader() has already been called for this request
realmAlreadyStarted=Realm has already been started
realmNotStarted=Realm has not yet been started
remoteIpValvePatternError=Syntax error in IP filter pattern %s
requestBodyTooLarge=The request body was too large to be cached during the authentication process
requestFilterInvalidPattern=Request filter invalid pattern %s
requestFilterValvePatternError=Syntax error in request filter pattern %s
requestListenerDestroyException=Exception sending request destroyed lifecycle event to listener instance of class %s
requestListenerInitException=Exception sending request initialized lifecycle event to listener instance of class %s
resourceNotAvailable=The requested resource (%s) is not available
restrictedListenerCannotCallMethod=The listener that attempted to call this method is restricted
servletAllocateException=Allocate exception for servlet %s
servletContextAttributeListenerException=Exception thrown by attributes event listener
servletContextAttributeNameIsNull=Attribute name cannot be null
servletDeallocateException=Deallocate exception for servlet %s
servletException=Servlet execution threw an exception
servletIsUnavailable=Servlet %s is currently unavailable
servletServiceException=Servlet.service() for servlet %s threw exception
sessionAttributeEventListenerException=Session attribute event listener threw exception
sessionAttributeIsNotSerializable=Non-serializable attribute %s
sessionAttributeNameIsNull=Session attribute name cannot be null
sessionAttributeSerializationException=Cannot serialize session attribute %s for session %s
sessionBindingEventListenerException=Session binding event listener threw exception
sessionEventListenerException=Session event listener threw exception
sessionLogoutException=Exception logging out user when expiring session
sessionTimeoutDuringAuthentication=The time allowed for the login process has been exceeded. If you wish to continue you must either click back twice and re-click the link you requested or close and re-open your browser
skippingApplicationListener=Skipped installing application listeners due to previous error(s)
specifiedClassIsNotServlet=Class %s is not a Servlet
ssiCannotFindFile=Couldn't find file: %s
ssiCannotGetContext=Couldn't get context for path: %s
ssiCannotGetRequestDispatcher=Couldn't get request dispatcher for path: %s
ssiCannotRemoveContext=Couldn't remove context from path: %s
ssiDirectiveError=[an error occurred while processing this directive]
ssiEchoInvlidEncoding=#echo--Invalid encoding: %s
ssiExecFailed=Couldn't exec file: %s
ssiFailedNormalization=Normalization yielded null on path: %s
ssiFailedRemovingFilename=Couldn't remove filename from path: %s
ssiFlastmodFailed=#flastmod--Couldn't get last modified for file: %s
ssiFsizeFailed=#fsize--Couldn't get size for file: %s
ssiIncludeFailed=#include--Couldn't include file: %s
ssiInvalidAttribute=#%s--Invalid attribute: %s
ssiInvalidNonVirtualPath=A non-virtual path can't be absolute: %s
ssiInvalidNonVirtualPathWithTraversal=A non-virtual path can't contain '../': %s
ssiParseExtraNodes=Extra nodes created
ssiParseNoNodes=No nodes created
ssiParseUnusedNodes=Unused opp nodes exist
ssiParsingErrorBadParameterCount=Parameter names count does not match parameter values count on command %s
ssiParsingErrorNoParameters=Error parsing command %s parameters
ssiServletIncludeFailed=Couldn't include file: %s
ssiSetFailed=#set--no variable specified
ssiUnknownCommand=Unknown command: %s
ssiUnknownEncoding=Unknown encoding: %s
sslSessionTrackingModeIsExclusive=The session tracking mode SSL requested for context %s cannot be combined with other tracking modes
statusHeader=HTTP Status %s - %s
statusReport=Status report
statusRootCause=root cause
statusRootCauseInLogs=The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the %s logs.
storeAlreadyStarted=Store has already been started
storeNotStarted=Store has not yet been started
streamClosed=Stream closed
unavailable=This application is not currently available
uninitializedMessageDigest=Message digest non initialized
unknownAuthMode=Unknown mode %s, must be one of: strict, authOnly, strictAuthOnly
unknownFilterNameInMapping=Filter mapping specifies an unknown filter name %s
unknownServletNameInMapping=Servlet mapping specifies an unknown Servlet name %s
unsupportedSessionTrackingMode=The session tracking mode %s requested for context %s is not supported by that context
upgradeError=Upgrade error
upgradeHandlerDestroyError=Upgrade destroy processing for servlet %s threw exception
userAuthenticated=Username [%s] successfully authenticated
userDoesNotHaveRole=User [%s] does not have role [%s]
userHasRole=User [%s] has role [%s]
userNotAuthenticated=Username [%s] NOT successfully authenticated
valveAlreadyStarted=Valve has already been started
valveNotStarted=Valve has not yet been started
webDavClientProblemXp=WebDAV client problem: XP-x64-SP2 is known not to work with WebDAV Servlet
webDavClientProblemXpRootOnly=WebDAV client problem: XP-x64-SP2 clients only work with the root context
wrapperHasNoChild=A Wrapper cannot have a child container
wrapperParentMustBeContext=Parent of a Wrapper must be a Context
writeListenerAlreadySet=Write listener already set
writerAlreadyUsed=getWriter() has already been called for this response
xslTransformerError=XSL transformer error
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