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arrayCharExpected=Expected a '%s' at
arrayEndExpected=Expected a ',' or ']' at
arrayInvalidIndex=Index %s not found in array
arrayInvalidType=Array value at %s does not correspond to type %s
arrayInvalidValue=Array initial value should be a string or collection or array
arrayMustStartWithBracket=A JSONArray text must start with '[' at
objectBadString=Bad value from toJSONString: %s
objectDuplicateKey=Duplicate key %s
objectExpectedEnd=Expected a ',' or '}' at
objectExpectedKey=Expected a ':' after a key at
objectInfiniteNumber=JSON does not allow non-finite numbers
objectInvalidType=JSONObject[%s] does not correspond to type %s
objectMustEndWithBracket=A JSONObject text must end with '}' at
objectMustStartWithBracket=A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at
objectNotFound=JSONObject[%s] not found
tokenerBadChar=Expected '%s' and instead saw '%s' at
tokenerMissingValue=Missing value at
tokenerStepBack=Stepping back two steps is not supported
tokenerSubstring=Substring bounds error at
tokenerUnterminatedString=Unterminated string at
writerMisplacedArray=Misplaced array
writerMisplacedArrayEnd=Misplaced array end
writerMisplacedKey=Misplaced key
writerMisplacedObject=Misplaced object
writerMisplacedObjectEnd=Misplaced object end
writerNestingError=Nesting error
writerNestingTooDeep=Nesting too deep
writerNull=Null string
writerNullKey=Null key
writerValueOutOfSequence=Value out of sequence
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