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beansXmlInNonStandardLocation=Found beans.xml file in non-standard location: %s, war deployments should place beans.xml files into WEB-INF/beans.xml
beansXmlValidationError=Warning while parsing %s:%s %s
beansXmlValidationWarning=Warning while parsing %s:%s %s
cdiAnnotationsButNoBeansXML=Deployment %s contains CDI annotations but beans.xml was not found.
couldNotFindBeanManagerForDeployment=Could not find BeanManager for deployment %s
couldNotLoadPortableExceptionClass=Could not load portable extension class %s
duplicateBeansXml=Found both WEB-INF/beans.xml and WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/beans.xml. It is not portable to use both locations at the same time. Weld is going to use the former location for this deployment.
failedToSetupWeldContexts=Failed to setup Weld contexts
failedToTearDownWeldContexts=Failed to tear down Weld contexts
injectionTypeNotValue=@Resource injection of type %s is not supported for non-ejb components. Injection point: %s
processingWeldDeployment=Processing weld deployment %s
startingServicesForCDIDeployment=Starting Services for CDI deployment: %s
startingWeldService=Starting weld service for deployment %s
stoppingWeldService=Stopping weld service for deployment %s
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