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alreadyRunning=%s is already running
annotationNotFound=%s annotation not found on %s
attemptingToInjectInjectionPointIntoField=Component %s is attempting to inject the InjectionPoint into a field: %s
attemptingToInjectInjectionPointIntoNonBean=Component %s is attempting to inject the InjectionPoint into a method on a component that is not a CDI bean %s
beanDeploymentNotFound=BeanDeploymentArchive with id %s not found in deployment
cannotAddServicesAfterStart=services cannot be added after weld has started
couldNotDetermineUnderlyingType=Could not determine bean class from injection point type of %s
couldNotFindPersistenceUnit=Error injecting persistence unit into CDI managed bean. Can't find a persistence unit named %s in deployment %s
couldNotGetBeansXmlAsURL=Could get beans.xml file as URL when processing file: %s
couldNotInjectField=Failed to perform CDI injection of field: %s on %s
couldNotInjectMethod=Failed to perform CDI injection of method: %s on %s
couldNotLoadInterceptorClass=Could not load interceptor class : %s
couldNotResolveInjectionPoint=Could not resolve CDI bean for injection point %s with qualifiers %s
ejbHashBeenRemoved=EJB has been removed
ejbNotResolved=Could not resolve @EJB injection for %s on %s
extensionDoesNotImplementExtension=Service class %s didn't implement the javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Extension interface
injectionPointNotAJavabean=Injection point represents a method which doesn't follow JavaBean conventions (must have exactly one parameter) %s
moreThanOneBeanConstructor=Class %s has more that one constructor annotated with @Inject
moreThanOneEjbResolved=Resolved more than one EJB for @EJB injection of %s on %s. Found %s
notStarted=%s is not started
parameterCannotBeNull=%s cannot be null
securityNotEnabled=Could not inject SecurityManager, security is not enabled
singletonNotSet=Singleton not set for %s. This means that you are trying to access a weld deployment with a Thread Context ClassLoader that is not associated with the deployment.
unknownInterceptorClassForCDIInjection=Unknown interceptor class for CDI injection %s
viewNotFoundOnEJB=View of type %s not found on EJB %s
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