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annotatedTypeJavaClassMismatch=Cannot replace AnnotatedType for {0} with AnnotatedType for {1}
annotationTypeNull=Cannot set the annotation type to null (if you want to stop the type being used, call veto()): {0}
beanIsBothInterceptorAndDecorator=Class {0} has both @Interceptor and @Decorator annotations
beanStoreMissing=No application context BeanStore set
beanTypeNotEjb=Bean type is not STATELESS, STATEFUL or SINGLETON: {0}
callingBootstrapMethodAfterContainerHasBeenInitialized=Calling Bootstrap method after container has already been initialized. For correct order, see CDI11Bootstrap's documentation.
cdiApiVersionMismatch=CDI API version mismatch. CDI 1.0 API detected on classpath. Weld requires version 1.1 or better.
containerLifecycleEventMethodInvokedOutsideObserver=Container lifecycle event method invoked outside of extension observer method invocation.
deploymentArchiveNull=BeanDeploymentArchive must not be null: {0}
deploymentRequired=Must start the container with a deployment
duplicateAnnotatedTypeId=Two AnnotatedType implementations with the same id: {0}, {1}, {2}
enabledAlternatives=Enabled alternatives for {0}: {1}
enabledDecorators=Enabled decorator types for {0}: {1}
enabledInterceptors=Enabled interceptor types for {0}: {1}
enumInjectionTargetNotCreated=Unable to create InjectionTarget for {0}
enumsAlreadyInjected=Enums have already been injected
errorLoadingBeansXmlEntry=Error loading {0} defined in {1}
errorWhileLoadingClass=Error while loading class '{0}' : {1}
exceptionLoadingAnnotatedType=Exception loading annotated type using ClassFileServices. Falling back to the default implementation. {0}
exceptionThrownDuringBeforeShutdownObserver=Exception(s) thrown during observer of BeforeShutdown:
exceptionWhileLoadingClass=Exception while loading class '{0}' : {1}
foundBean=Bean: {0}
foundDecorator=Decorator: {0}
foundDisabledAlternative=Disabled alternative (ignored): {0}
foundInterceptor=Interceptor: {0}
foundObserverMethod=ObserverMethod: {0}
foundProducerOfSpecializedBean=Producer (method or field) of specialized bean (ignored): {0}
foundSpecializedBean=Specialized bean (ignored): {0}
ignoringClassDueToLoadingError=Not generating any bean definitions from {0} because of underlying class loading error: Type {1} not found. If this is unexpected, enable DEBUG logging to see the full error.
ignoringExtensionClassDueToLoadingError=Ignoring portable extension class {0} because of underlying class loading error: Type {1} not found. Enable DEBUG logging level to see the full error.
invalidPropertyValue=Invalid value for property {0}: {1}
invalidThreadPoolSize=Invalid thread pool size: {0}
invalidThreadPoolType=Invalid thread pool type: {0}
jtaUnavailable=Transactional services not available. Injection of @Inject UserTransaction not available. Transactional observers will be invoked synchronously.
legacyDeploymentMetadataProvided=Legacy deployment metadata provided by the integrator. Certain functionality will not be available.
managerNotInitialized=Manager has not been initialized
notUsingFastResolver=Falling back to the default observer method resolver due to {0}
passivatingNonNormalScopeIllegal=Only normal scopes can be passivating. Scope {0}
patDefaultResolver=Sending PAT using the default event resolver: {0}
patFastResolver=Sending PAT using the fast event resolver: {0}
patSkipped=No PAT observers resolved for {0}. Skipping.
priorityOutsideOfRecommendedRange=Priority {0} specified at {1} is outside of the recommended range (0 - 3099)
threadsInUse=Using {0} threads for bootstrap
timeoutShuttingDownThreadPool=Timeout shutting down thread pool {0} at {1}
unspecifiedRequiredService=Required service {0} has not been specified
validatingBeans=Weld initialized. Validating beans
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