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annotatedTypeDeserializationFailure=Failed to deserialize annotated type identified with {0}
beanWithParameterizedTypeContainingTypeVariablesMustBeDependentScoped=A bean that has a parameterized bean type containing type variables must be @Dependent scoped. Bean type {0} of bean {1}
contextGetScopeIsNotAScope=Context.getScope() returned {0} which is not a scope annotation. Context: {1}
invalidParameterPosition=Parameter position {0} of parameter {1} is not valid
metaAnnotationOnWrongType={0} can only be applied to an annotation. It was applied to {1}
metadataSourceReturnedNull={0} returned null for {1}
multipleScopes=At most one scope type may be specified for {0}
noConstructor=AnnotatedType ({0}) without a constructor
nonBindingMemberType=Member of array type or annotation type must be annotated @NonBinding: {0}
nonBindingMemberTypeException=Member of array type or annotation type must be annotated @NonBinding: {0}
notAQualifier={0} defined on {1} is not a qualifier
notAScope={0} defined on {1} is not a scope annotation
notAStereotype={0} defined on {1} is not a stereotype
notAnInterceptorBinding={0} defined on {1} is not an interceptor binding
notInHierarchy=Member {0} ({1}) does not belong to the actual class hierarchy of the annotatedType {2} ({3})
parameterizedTypeContainingWildcardParameterIsNotAValidBeanType=A parameterized type containing wildcard parameters is not a valid bean type. Bean type {0} of bean {1}
qualifierOnStereotype=Cannot declare qualifiers on stereotype {0}
qualifiersNull={0}() returned null for {1}
scopeNull=BeanAttributes.getScope() returned null for {0}
stereotypeNotRegistered=Stereotype {0} not registered with container
stereotypesNull=BeanAttributes.getStereotypes() returned null for {0}
typeVariableIsNotAValidBeanType=A type variable is not a valid bean type. Bean type {0} of bean {1}
typesEmpty=BeanAttributes.getTypes() may not return an empty set {0}
typesNull=BeanAttributes.getTypes() returned null for {0}
valueOnNamedStereotype=Cannot specify a value for @Named stereotype {0}
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