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Disposal=methods: {1}
Injection=Point: {1}
Producer=method: {0}
abstractMethodMustMatchDecoratedType=Method {0} defined on {1} does not match any method on decorated types
activatedSessionBeanProxy=Proxy activated after passivation for {0}
addingMethodToEnterpriseProxy=Adding method to enterprise proxy: {0}
addingMethodToProxy=Adding method to proxy: {0}
annotationNotBinding=The annotation {0} is not a binding for {1}
beanIdCreationFailed=There was an error creating an id for {0}
beanInstanceNotSetOnProxy=Method call requires a BeanInstance which has not been set for this proxy {0}
beanMethodReturnsNull=Bean.{0}() returned null for {1}
beanMustBeDependent=Managed bean {0} must be @Dependent
beanNotEeResourceProducer=The following bean is not an EE resource producer: {0}
beansWithDifferentBeanNamesCannotBeSpecialized=Beans with different bean names {0}, {1} cannot be specialized by a single bean {2}
callProxiedMethod=Called {0} on {1} with parameters {2} which returned {3}
cannotDestroyEnterpriseBeanNotCreated=Cannot destroy session bean instance not created by the container: {0}
cannotDestroyNullBean=Cannot destroy null instance of {0}
cannotInstantiateAbstractClass=Unable to create a new instance of {0}
cannotLoadClass=Cannot load class {0} during deserialization of proxy
cannotReadObject=Cannot read object
circularCall=Executing producer field or method {0} on incomplete declaring bean {1} due to circular injection
conflictingInterceptorBindings=Conflicting interceptor bindings found on {0}
createdContextInstance=Created context instance for bean {0} identified as {1}
createdMethodHandlerInitializerForDecoratorProxy=Created MH initializer body for decorator proxy: {0}
createdNewClientProxyType=Created new client proxy of type {0} for bean {1} with ID {2}
createdProxyClass=Created Proxy class of type {0} supporting interfaces {1}
createdSessionBeanProxy=Created session bean proxy for {0}
creatingBean=Building bean metadata for {0}
declaringBeanMissing=Cannot create Producer implementation. Declaring bean missing for a non-static member {0}
decoratedHasNoNoargsConstructor=Bean class which has decorators must have a public constructor without parameters: {0}
decoratedNoargsConstructorIsPrivate=Constructor without parameters cannot be private in bean class which has decorators: {0}
decoratedTypeParameterizedDelegateNot=The decorated type is parameterized, but the delegate type isn't. Delegate type {0} on {1}
decoratorMethodReturnsNull=Decorator.{0}() returned null for {1}
delegateInjectionPointNotFound=Delegate injection point not found on decorator {0}
delegateMustSupportEveryDecoratedType=The delegate type must extend or implement every decorated type. Decorated type {0} on {1}
delegateNotOnDecorator=Cannot place @Delegate at an injection point which is not on a Decorator: {0}
delegateOnNonInitializerMethod=Method with @Delegate parameter must be an initializer method: {0}
delegateTypeParameterMismatch=The delegate type must have exactly the same type parameters as the decorated type. Decorated type {0} on decorator {1}
destroyUnsupported=Instance.destroy() is not supported. The underlying context {0} does not support destroying of contextual instances
disposeNotFirstParam={0} does not have @Dispose as first parameter
duplicateBinding=The annotation {0} is already present in the bindings list for {1}
dynamicLookupOfBuiltInNotAllowed=Dynamic lookup of {0} is not supported
ejbCannotBeDecorator=Enterprise beans cannot be decorators: {0}
ejbCannotBeInterceptor=Enterprise beans cannot be interceptors: {0}
ejbNotFound=Could not find the EJB in JNDI: {0}
errorDestroying=Error destroying an instance {0} of {1}
extensionWithNonStaticPublicField=An extension ({0}) has a non-static public field ({1}).
failedToSetThreadLocalOnProxy=Failed to set ThreadLocal for serialization on proxy using reflection {0}
finalBeanClassWithDecoratorsNotAllowed=Bean class which has decorators cannot be declared final: {0}
finalBeanClassWithInterceptorsNotAllowed=Bean class which has interceptors cannot be declared final: {0}
finalDecoratedBeanMethodNotAllowed=Decorated bean method {0} (decorated by {1}) cannot be declared final
finalInterceptedBeanMethodNotAllowed=Intercepted bean method {0} (intercepted by {1}) cannot be declared final
foundDefaultConstructor=Exactly one constructor ({0}) defined, using it as the bean constructor for {1}
foundInjectableConstructors=Found {0} constructors annotated with @Inject for {1}
foundOneInjectableConstructor=Exactly one constructor ({0}) annotated with @Inject defined, using it as the bean constructor for {1}
foundOnePostConstructMethod=Exactly one post construct method ({0}) for {1}
foundOnePreDestroyMethod=Exactly one pre destroy method ({0}) for {1}
foundPostConstructMethods=Found {0} methods annotated with @PostConstruct for {1}
foundPreDestroyMethods=Found {0} methods annotated with @PreDestroy for {1}
generatingProxyClass=Retrieving/generating proxy class {0}
genericSessionBeanMustBeDependent=Session bean with generic class {0} must be @Dependent scope
inconsistentAnnotationsOnMethod={0} is not allowed on same method as {1}, see {2}
injectedFieldCannotBeProducer=Injected field {0} cannot be annotated @Produces on {1}
injectionTargetCannotBeCreatedForInterface=Cannot create an InjectionTarget from {0} as it is an interface
injectionTargetCannotProduceInstance=Cannot produce an instance of {0}.
injectionTargetCreatedForAbstractClass=An InjectionTarget is created for an abstract {0}. It will not be possible to produce instances of this type!
injectionTargetCreatedForClassWithoutAppropriateConstructor=An InjectionTarget is created for a {0} which does not have any appropriate constructor. It will not be possible to produce instances of this type!
injectionTargetCreatedForClassWithoutAppropriateConstructorException=An InjectionTarget is created for a {0} which does not have any appropriate constructor.
injectionTargetCreatedForNonStaticInnerClass=An InjectionTarget is created for a non-static inner {0}. It will not be possible to produce instances of this type!
instanceIteratorRemoveUnsupported=Instance.iterator().remove() is not supported.
interceptionModelNull=Interception model must not be null
interceptionTypeLifecycle=InterceptionType must not be lifecycle, but it is {0}
interceptionTypeNotLifecycle=InterceptionType must be lifecycle, but it is {0}
interceptionTypeNull=InterceptionType must not be null
invalidAnnotatedCallable=An implementation of AnnotatedCallable must implement either AnnotatedConstructor or AnnotatedMethod, {0}
invalidAnnotatedMember=An implementation of AnnotatedMember must implement either AnnotatedConstructor, AnnotatedMethod or AnnotatedField, {0}
invalidAnnotatedOfInjectionPoint=InjectionPoint.getAnnotated() must return either AnnotatedParameter or AnnotatedField but {0} was returned for {1}
invalidInjectionPointType={0} cannot be constructed for {1}
invalidRemoveMethodInvocation=Cannot call EJB remove method directly on non-dependent scoped bean {0}
invalidResourceProducerField=Tried to create an EEResourceProducerField, but no @Resource, @PersistenceContext, @PersistenceUnit, @WebServiceRef or @EJB is present {0}
invalidResourceProducerType=The type of the resource producer field [{0}] does not match the resource type {1}
invocationError=Unable to invoke {0} on {1}
invokingInterceptorChain=Invoking interceptor chain for method {0} on {1}
invokingMethodDirectly=Invoking method {0} directly on {1}
ipNotConstructorOrMethod=Cannot handle injection point as a constructor or method: {0}
lookedUpClientProxy=Located client proxy of type {0} for bean {1}
messageDrivenBeansCannotBeManaged=Message driven beans cannot be Managed Beans: {0}
methodHandlerProcessingCall=MethodHandler processing call to {0} for {1}
methodHandlerProcessingReturningBeanInstance=MethodHandler processing returning bean instance for {0}
methodNotBusinessMethod=Method {0} must be declared on a business interface of {1}
methodNull=Method must not be null
missingBindingOnInterceptor=An interceptor must have at least one binding, but {0} has none
multipleDisposalMethods=Cannot declare multiple disposal methods for this producer method.
multipleDisposeParams={0} has more than one @Dispose parameter
multipleScopesFoundFromStereotypes=All stereotypes must specify the same scope OR a scope must be specified on {0}
nameNotAllowedOnSpecialization=Cannot put name on specializing and specialized class {0}
namedResourceProducerField=Resource producer field [{0}] must not have an EL name
noDelegateForDecorator=No delegate injection points defined for {0}
nonContainerDecorator=Cannot operate on non container provided decorator {0}
nonDependentResourceProducerField=Resource producer field [{0}] must be @Dependent scoped
nonSerializableConstructorParamInjectionError=Producers cannot produce non-serializable instances for injection into parameters of constructors of beans declaring passivating scope.
nonSerializableFieldInjectionError=Producers cannot produce non-serializable instances for injection into non-transient fields of passivating beans
nonSerializableInitializerParamInjectionError=Producers cannot produce non-serializable instances for injection into parameters of initializers of beans declaring passivating scope.
nonSerializableProducerParamInjectionError=Producers cannot produce non-serializable instances for injection into parameters of producer methods declaring passivating scope.
nonSerializableProductError=Producers cannot declare passivating scope and return a non-serializable class: {0}
nullInstance=Unable to obtain instance from {0}
nullNotAllowedFromProducer=Cannot return null from a non-dependent producer method: {0}
observerMethodMustBeStaticOrBusiness=Observer method must be static or local business method: {0} on {1}
onlyOneScopeAllowed=At most one scope may be specified on {0}
paramNotInParamList=Parameter position {0} is not in the parameter list: {1}
parameterAnnotationNotAllowedOnConstructor=Managed bean constructor must not have a parameter annotated {0}: {1}
passivatingBeanHasNonPassivationCapableDecorator=Managed bean declaring a passivating scope has a non-passivation capable decorator. Bean: {0} Decorator: {1}
passivatingBeanHasNonPassivationCapableInterceptor=Managed bean declaring a passivating scope has a non-serializable interceptor. Bean: {0} Interceptor: {1}
passivatingBeanNeedsSerializableImpl=Bean declaring a passivating scope must be passivation capable. Bean: {0}
passivationCapableBeanHasNullId=A passivation capable bean cannot have a null id: {0}
producerCastError=Cannot cast producer type {0} to bean type {1}
producerFieldCannotHaveAWildcardBeanType=A producer field's type cannot be a parameterized type with wildcards. Field {0}
producerFieldOnSessionBeanMustBeStatic=Producer fields on session beans must be static. Field {0} declared on {1}
producerFieldWithTypeVariableBeanTypeMustBeDependent=A producer field with a parameterized type with a type variable must be declared @Dependent scoped. Field {0}
producerMethodCannotHaveAWildcardReturnType=A producer method cannot have a return type parameterized with wildcards. Method {0}
producerMethodNotSpecializing=Specialized producer method does not override a method on the direct superclass: {0}
producerMethodWithTypeVariableReturnTypeMustBeDependent=A producer method with a parameterized return type with a type variable must be declared @Dependent scoped. Method {0}
proxyDeserializationFailure=Failed to deserialize proxy object with beanId {0}
proxyHandlerSerializedForNonSerializableBean=Non passivation capable bean serialized with ProxyMethodHandler
proxyInstantiationBeanAccessFailed=Could not access bean correctly when creating client proxy for {0}
proxyInstantiationFailed=Could not instantiate client proxy for {0}
proxyRequired=Proxy required
publicFieldOnNormalScopedBeanNotAllowed=Normal scoped managed bean implementation class has a public field: {0}
qualifiersUsed=Using qualifiers {0} for {1}
returnTypeMustBeConcrete=Return type must be concrete: {0}
scopeNotAllowedOnSingletonBean=Scope {0} is not allowed on singleton enterprise beans for {1}. Only @Dependent and @ApplicationScoped is allowed on singleton session beans.
scopeNotAllowedOnStatelessSessionBean=Scope {0} is not allowed on stateless enterprise beans for {1}. Only @Dependent is allowed on stateless session beans.
securityServicesNotAvailable=SecurityServices not available
settingNewMethodHandler=Setting new MethodHandler with bean instance for {0} on {1}
simpleBeanAsNonStaticInnerClassNotAllowed=Simple bean {0} cannot be a non-static inner class
specializingBeanMissingSpecializedType=Specializing bean {0} does not have bean type {1} of specialized bean {2}
specializingBeanMustExtendABean=Specializing bean must extend another bean: {0}
specializingEnterpriseBeanMustExtendAnEnterpriseBean=Specializing enterprise bean must extend another enterprise bean: {0}
specializingManagedBeanCanExtendOnlyManagedBeans=Specializing {0} cannot specialize a non-managed bean {1}
tooManyDelegatesForDecorator=Too many delegate injection points defined for {0}
tooManyEjbsForClass=Unable to determine EJB for {0}, multiple EJBs with that class: {1}
transactionServicesNotAvailable=TransactionServices not available
typeParameterMustBeConcrete=Type parameter must be a concrete type: {0}
typedClassNotInHierarchy=@Typed class {0} is not present in the type hierarchy {1}
unableToDetermineParentCreationalContext=Unable to determine parent creational context of {0}
unableToLoadMember=Unable to load annotated member {0}
unableToLoadProxyClass=Unable to load proxy class for bean {0} with class {1} using classloader {2}
unableToProcess=Unable to process {0}
unableToRestoreInjectionPoint=Unable to restore InjectionPoint. No matching InjectionPoint found on {0}
unableToRestoreInjectionPointMultiple=Unable to restore InjectionPoint. Multiple matching InjectionPoints found on {0}:
unexpectedUnwrappedCustomDecorator=Unexpected unwrapped custom decorator instance: {0}
usingDefaultName=Using default name {0} for {1}
usingDefaultQualifier=Adding @Default qualifier for {0}
usingDefaultScope=Using default @Dependent scope for {0}
usingName=Using name {0} for {1}
usingScope=Using scope {0} for {1}
usingScopeFromStereotype=Using scope {0} for {1} from merged stereotypes {2}
validationServiceNotAvailable=ValidationServices are not available
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