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beginCalledOnLongRunningConversation=Attempt to call begin() on a long-running conversation
cleaningUpConversation.1=Cleaning up conversation {0}
cleaningUpConversation.2=Cleaning up the conversation after the {0} phase because {1}
cleaningUpTransientConversation=Cleaning up transient conversation
contextAlreadyActive=Context is already active
contextNotActive=Context is not active
conversationIdAlreadyInUse=Conversation ID {0} is already in use
conversationIdGeneratorNotFound=Unable to locate ConversationIdGenerator
conversationLockTimedout=Conversation lock timed out: {0}
conversationLockUnavailable=Interrupted while trying to acquire lock
conversationLocked=Lock acquired on conversation {0}
conversationNamingSchemeNotFound=Unable to find ConversationNamingScheme in the request, this conversation wasn't transient at the start of the request
conversationSwitched=Conversation switched from {0} to {1}
conversationTerminationCancellationFailed=Failed to cancel termination of conversation {0}
conversationTerminationCancelled=Termination of conversation {0} cancelled
conversationTerminationScheduled=Scheduled {0} for termination
conversationUnavailable=Failed to acquire conversation lock in {0} ms for {1}
conversationUnlocked=Lock released on conversation {0}
demotedLrc=Returned long-running conversation {0} to transient
destroyAllLrc=Destroying all long-running conversations because {0}
destroyLrc=Destroying long-running conversation {0} because {1}
destroyLrcComplete=Destroyed long-running conversation {0} because {1}
destroyTransientConversation=Destroying transient conversation {0}
endCalledOnTransientConversation=Attempt to call end() on a transient conversation
endLockedConversation=Going to end a locked conversation with id {0}
foundConversationFromRequest=Found conversation id {0} in request parameter
illegalConversationUnlockAttempt=Attempt to release lock on conversation {0} failed because {1}
initiatingConversation=Initiating conversation before the {0} phase
lrcCount={0} long-running conversations
mustCallAssociateBeforeActivate=Must call associate() before calling activate()
mustCallAssociateBeforeDeactivate=Must call associate() before calling deactivate()
mustCallAssociateBeforeGeneratingId=A request must be associated with the context in order to generate a conversation id
mustCallAssociateBeforeLoadingKnownConversations=A request must be associated with the context in order to load the known conversations
noConversationFoundToRestore=No conversation found to restore for id {0}
noConversationToRestore=No conversation id to restore
nullHttpSession=Cannot create ConversationBeanStore with a null HTTP session
promotedTransient=Promoted conversation {0} to long-running
resumingConversation=Resuming conversation with id {0}
skippingCleaningUpConversation=Skipping conversation cleanup after the {0} phase because {1}
switchedConversation=Switched conversation from {0} to {1}
switchingModeResetsTimeouts=Switching modes with non-transient conversations present resets the timeouts
unableToLoadCurrentConversations=Unable to load current conversations from the associated request, something went badly wrong when associate() was called
unableToRestoreConversation=Could not restore long-running conversation {0} because {1}
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