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beanDeploymentArchiveMissing=Unable to locate bean deployment archive for {0}
beanManagerForArchiveNotFound=Unable to locate bean manager for {0} in {1}
beanManagerNotFound=Unable to find BeanManager for {0}
cannotInjectObjectOutsideOfServletRequest=Cannot inject {0} outside of a Servlet request
cannotInjectServletContext=Unable to inject ServletContext. None is associated with {0}, {1}
contextNull=ServletContext is null
guardLeak=HttpContextLifecycle guard leak detected. The Servlet container is not fully compliant. The value was {0}
guardNotSet=HttpContextLifecycle guard not set. The Servlet container is not fully compliant.
illegalUseOfWeldListener=Cannot use WeldListener without ServletServices
notStarting=Not starting Weld/Servlet integration as Weld failed to initialize
onlyHttpServletLifecycleDefined=Non Http-Servlet lifecycle not defined
requestDestroyed=Destroying request {0}
requestInitialized=Initializing request {0}
requestScopeBeanStoreMissing=Cannot obtain request scoped beans from the request
servlet2Environment=Running in Servlet 2.x environment. Asynchronous request support is disabled.
unableToDissociateContext=Unable to dissociate context {0} when destroying request {1}
webXmlMappingPatternIgnored=Context activation pattern {0} ignored as it is overriden by the integrator.
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