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 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.
Extended version of javax.enterprise.context.spi.CreationalContext which gives the integrator additional control over the process of constructing an instance.

Jozef Hartinger
public interface WeldCreationalContext<T> extends CreationalContext<T> {

By default Weld takes care of javax.interceptor.AroundConstruct interceptors of a component instance which are bound to the component using interceptor bindings or the javax.interceptor.Interceptors annotation. This may not be desired should an integrator want to manage these interceptors themselves. In that case this switch may be used to suppress Weld management of javax.interceptor.AroundConstruct interceptors. In that case an integrator is responsible for performing javax.interceptor.AroundConstruct interception.

    void setConstructorInterceptionSuppressed(boolean value);

Indicates whether Weld-managed javax.interceptor.AroundConstruct interceptors are suppressed.

true if Weld-managed javax.interceptor.AroundConstruct interceptors are suppressed
See also:
    boolean isConstructorInterceptionSuppressed();

Register a callback which is notified of component construction. This callback allows an integrator to perform additional tasks (e.g. invoking interceptors bound using the deployment descriptor) around constructor invocation. AroundConstructCallbacks are invoked in the order in which they were registered.

callback the callback
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