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 package org.jboss.weld.context;

Allows a thread-based context to be bound to some external instance storage (such as an HttpSession).

A context may be detachable in which case a call to ManagedContext.invalidate() will detach the context from it's associated storage. A detached context is still usable (instances may be added or removed) however changes will not be written through to the underlying data store.

Normally, a detachable context will have it's underlying bean store attached on a call to ManagedContext.activate() and detached on a call to ManagedContext.deactivate() however a subtype of BoundContext may change this behavior.

If you call associate(java.lang.Object) you must ensure that you call dissociate(java.lang.Object) in all cases, otherwise you risk memory leaks.

<S> the type of the external instance storage
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public interface BoundContext<S> extends AlterableContext {

Associate the context with the storage (for this thread). Once associate(java.lang.Object) has been called, further calls to associate(java.lang.Object) will be ignored, until the context has been subsequently dissociate(java.lang.Object) from the storage.

storage the external storage
true if the storage was attached, otherwise false
    boolean associate(S storage);

Dissociate the context from the storage (for this thread). The context will only dissociate from the same storage it associated with.

storage the external storage
true if the storage was dissociated
    boolean dissociate(S storage);
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