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archiveIsolationDisabled=Archive isolation disabled - only one bean archive will be created
archiveIsolationEnabled=Archive isolation enabled - creating multiple isolated bean archives if needed
cannotHandleFile=Error handling file {0}
couldNotCloseStreamForURL=Could not close the stream on the url {0} when adding to the jandex index.
couldNotCloseStreamOfJandexIndex=Could not close the stream for of the jandex index file for {0}.
couldNotOpenStreamForURL=Could not open the stream on the url {0} when adding to the jandex index.
couldNotReadResource=Could not read resource with name: {0}
errorLoadingFile=Error loading file {0}
errorLoadingWeld=Error loading Weld bootstrap, check that Weld is on the classpath
foundJandexIndex=Found jandex index at {0}
indexForNameNotFound=Index for name: {0} not found.
initSkippedNoBeanArchiveFound=Weld initialization skipped - no bean archive found
jandexIndexNotCreated=Jandex index is null in the constructor of class: {0}
jnlpClassLoaderInternalException=JNLPClassLoader#getJarFile(URL) threw exception
jnlpClassLoaderInvocationException=Could not invoke JNLPClassLoader#getJarFile(URL) on context class loader
missingBeansXml=Missing beans.xml file in META-INF
reflectionFallback=Falling back to Java Reflection for bean-discovery-mode="annotated" discovery. Add org.jboss:jandex to the classpath to speed-up startup.
unableToFindConstructor=Unable to find constructor for of {0} accepting parameters: {1}.
unableToInstantiate=Unable to instantiate {0} using parameters: {1}.
unableToLoadAnnotation=Unable to load annotation: {0}
unableToLoadClass=Unable to load class {0}
unableToResolveBean=Unable to resolve a bean for {0} with bindings {1}
undefinedBeanDiscoveryValue=beans.xml defines unrecognized bean-discovery-mode value: {0}
unexpectedClassLoader=Could not invoke JNLPClassLoader#getJarFile(URL) on context class loader, expecting Web Start class loader
usingJandex=Using jandex for bean discovery
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