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doesNotMatch=Does not match: %s
errorDecodingFromBigInputFile=Error decoding from file %s: file is too big (%s bytes)
errorDecodingFromFile=Error decoding from file %s
errorEncodingFromFile=Error encoding from file %s
errorReadingBase64Stream=Error reading Base64 stream: nothing to read
hashLengthTooLarge=Hash Length is too large
ignorableError=Error that can be ignored.
invalidBase64CharacterMessage=Invalid Base64 character found: %s
invalidBase64Padding=Base64 input not properly padded
invalidNullArgument=The argument %s cannot be null
invalidNumberOfTokens=Invalid Number of tokens: %s
jsonEncryptionHeaderMissing=JSON Encryption Header Missing.
jsonSerializationFailed=JSON Serialization Failed.
jsonWebKeysMissing=JSON Web Keys Missing.
jsonWebSignatureHeaderMissing=JSON Web Signature header Missing
jsonWebSignatureValidationFailed=JSON Web Signature Validation Failed.
keyDataLenError=keydatalen should be a multiple of 8
keyDataLenLarge=keydatalen is larger than Maximum Value allowed by Unsigned Integer data type.
noSuchAlgorithm=No such algorithm.
processingException=Processing Exception.
wrongJsonKey=Wrong Type of JSON Key.
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