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Configuration=should be done as follows:
Please=make note of the following:
cannotCreateEncryptionDirectory=Cannot create encryption directory %s
cmdLineAttributeName=Attribute name
cmdLineCheckAttribute=Check whether the secured attribute already exists in the Vault
cmdLineEncryptionDirectory=Directory containing encrypted files
cmdLineIterationCount=Iteration count
cmdLineKeyStorePassword=Keystore password
cmdLineKeyStoreURL=Keystore URL
cmdLineSalt=8 character salt
cmdLineSecuredAttribute=Secured attribute value (such as password) to store
cmdLineSecuredAttributeAlreadyExists=Secured attribute (password) already exists.
cmdLineSecuredAttributeDoesNotExist=Secured attribute (password) doesn't exist.
cmdLineVaultBlock=Vault block
cmdLineVaultKeyStoreAlias=Vault keystore alias
encryptionDirectoryDoesNotExist=Encryption directory is not a directory or doesn't exist. (%s)
encryptionDirectoryHasToBeSpecified=Encryption directory has to be specified.
enterEncryptionDirectory=Enter directory to store encrypted files:
enterIterationCount=Enter iteration count as a number (e.g.: 44):
enterKeyStoreAlias=Enter Keystore Alias:
enterKeyStorePassword=Enter Keystore password
enterKeyStoreURL=Enter Keystore URL:
enterSalt=Enter 8 character salt:
enterYourPassword=Enter your password
exceptionEncountered=Exception encountered:
handshakeComplete=Handshake with Vault complete
initializingVault=Initializing Vault
interactiveCommandString=Please enter a Digit:: 0: Start Interactive Session 1: Remove Interactive Session 2: Exit
iterationCountOutOfRange=Iteration count has to be within 1 - 2147483647, but it is %s.
keyStoreDoesnotExistWithExample=Keystore '%s' doesn't exist.
keyStoreNotWritable=Keystore [%s] is not writable or not a file.
keyStorePasswordNotSpecified=Keystore password has to be specified.
keystore=could be created: keytool -genseckey -alias Vault -storetype jceks -keyalg AES -keysize 128 -storepass secretsecret -keypass secretsecret -keystore %s
noConsole=No console.
passwordsDoNotMatch=Values entered don't match
passwordsMatch=Values match
problemOcurred=Problem occurred:
problemParsingCommandLineParameters=Problem while parsing command line parameters:
removingInteractiveSession=Removing the current interactive session
saltWrongLength=Salt has to be exactly 8 characters long.
securityVaultException=Exception encountered:
startingInteractiveSession=Starting an interactive session
vaultAliasNotSpecified=Vault alias has to be specified.
vaultAttributeCreateDisplay=Secured attribute value has been stored in Vault.
vaultConfigurationTitle=Vault Configuration in WildFly configuration file:
vaultInitialized=Vault is initialized and ready for use
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